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Apple slips from UK Superbrand top ten

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 26, 2008.

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    Don't know why...? They're still high prophile with the iPhone and so on...
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    iPhone hasn't been the smash hit here they were probably hoping for. iPods are old news (it's a brand and a product that is well settled in). Surprising, but not that surprising.
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    No wonder. I'm getting more and more frustrated with "little" things on my iPhone...
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    yeh but look at what else is on the list. GSK, Rolls Royce, BP...

    This is hardly a list of popular brands is it, it a list of the biggest brands in the UK. Apple are hardly going to shrink back from the UK at this news
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    Maybe because most Apple products cost an arm and a leg in the UK? The iPhone was already old news when they finalled bothered to release it too...
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    People are interested but just not interested enough. Plus I think a lot of us have more common sense (Or not very good jobs :p) and can't afford the tariffs. I would certainly buy one if they had cheaper tariffs. £35 a month just seems like a waste of money. Even if it IS for the data.

    And a near £300 for a phone is pretty ridiculous. Most new phones are around £200 tops... and only people on expensive contracts really get those.

    iPods are old news (it's a brand and a product that is well settled in). Surprising, but not that surprising.[/QUOTE]

    Well the price drop in iPod Shuffle will mean more people will buy iPods. Heck, I did. I was planning on getting an iPod Touch but I just can't save that much when I need other, more important things like Logic Express and various other things. Thus I decided to buy an iPod Shuffle because £30 really isn't too much to invest.

    Yeah. Everyone knew about it because the yanks got it and we didn't. It's gonna be the same with every other country from here on. Maybe iPhone 2 will be an International release as Apple already has contracts with carriers, but I doubt it.

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