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Apple Snags Second Place Among Global Smartphone Manufacturers

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Worldwide Smartphone Sales in 3Q10 in Millions of Units (Source: IDC)
    Offering a more complete look at the global smartphone sales for the third quarter of 2010 as hinted at by Canalys earlier this week, research firm IDC has now published its data on global smartphone sales, similarly revealing Apple taking second place with 17.4% of the market and ranking behind only Nokia's 32.7% share.
    Apple's 90.5% year-over-year growth was only on par with that of the overall industry, but Research in Motion's slower growth of only 46% enabled Apple to take the #2 spot in the rankings.

    Several smaller smartphone competitors embracing Google's Android platform saw tremendous year-over-year growth during the quarter, with Samsung rising to fourth place on over 450% growth and HTC seeing over 175% growth.

    Article Link: Apple Snags Second Place Among Global Smartphone Manufacturers
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    interesting that "others" grew at 112.7% ... I'm guessing that most of the 'others', htc and samsung are Android based.

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    May also include the tail end sales of Palm. (the other white meat)
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    Apple Snags Second Place in Market Share Among Global Smartphone Manufacturers.

    Apple's doing quite well in this competition:


    Graph credit: asymco.
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    Digital Dude

    Will be interested to see if the WP7 has any impact on these values next time around.
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    Samsung is building quite a momentum. 453.8% growth from the previous year is quite a feat. If it maintains that growth for this year it may overtake some of the leaders soon.
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    apple is actualy better than nokia just wait

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