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Apple spokeswoman says company on target to ship all orders ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 9, 2003.

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    its all good
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    we're noty important??
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    Nice. Hopefully the G5 won't be the new powerbooks all over again.
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    Us too?

    Here's hoping this is (a) true and (b) includes Europe (the Forgotten Realms of Apple corporate, it sometimes seems).

    My Athlon PC crashed twice today from the heat (..."my god, Putty - the heat!") taking a chunk of sweaty work with it. And that's with the side of the PC off and a Zalman system installed.

    How do they sell PCs to the middle east, for god's sake? Or saharan Africa?

    I only live in Gravesend; it's hardly arid (except perhaps culturally).

    That nine fan G5 can't get here soon enough.

    Brother Mugga
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    I called about the 3 G5's I ordered in mid July, Apple person said they were going to ship 9/15/2003. I'm going to call every Monday til they show up.

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    That means the end of my dream of a Dual 1.8 GHz. Since they are said to be ready to ship every order, there's no need for them.
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    Was this the original date given by Apple? I ordered a dual 2.0 on July 24 and was given a shipping date of 10/3/03. It'd be nice if it were to ship "before" rather than "on" this date.

    It is nice to hear all the original orders projected for August will be shipping. My only hope is with my later shipping date of my order than Panther will be included as some rumors predict Panther to ship mid-Sept.
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    Who is this person?


    Who is this person that always has to rate a rumor, news item, etc. as negative?

    What can possibly be negative about an article confirming that G5 shipments will occur on time?

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    Whelp, 22 days left. Here we gooooo!
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    so if the PowerMacs are shipping this month, could this be the rumor of something arriving on the 18th or 19th? i guess that could be so... that would mean that the PowerBooks are still at least a month away.:(
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    Cool... i want one :rolleyes:
  13. mvc
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    Oh, I think they may yet turn up in the next revision - something like:

    Dual 2.2
    Dual 2.0
    Dual 1.8 bottom end instead of that silly Single 1.6 :)

    Only trouble is you will probably have to wait until January, or October/November if you are lucky?
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    So why does my order still say "On or Before 9/2/03?"
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    Re: August?

    Maybe Apple expects to ship your computer in August, perhaps even two or three weeks before your date of 9/2/2003, but doesn't want you to be upset if potential unforseen delays affect the shipping date.
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    Good news, now I just have a pick a model.
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    I guess that means my 2.0 Dualy WILL ship on 8/29/2003 as is suggested on my order from 6/24/2003. YAHOO
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    If you are lying about that, it is SO cruel to tease people.
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    For those who got "On or before 9/2/2003", did you order Duals?

    Because IIRC, the duals were gonna ship later.

    I placed the order to the company taking care of personel-purchasing the day after they were announced, but unforuntately, I don't know when they made the order to Apple.

    Hopefully I'll be getting it next week so I can set it up before school starts on the 18th. But I'm not exactly holding my breath.
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    I ordered mine on 8/2 and Apple says it will ship on or before 10/15. Is this realistic? I sure hope it'll be sooner.
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    Considering there are, what, 2 months worth of pre-orders before yours that sounds about right.

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    i orderd my build to order Dual 2.0 gHz G5 on 6/24, and mine is slated for shipping for "on or before 8/29/2003". The way I see it, there are these possible ship dates out there:

    8/29 (first shipment)
    9/2 (makes no sense to me)

    Mine was orginially "August", then was changed to "9/2/2003", as was the rest of the peoples who ordered right away. Then all of those were changed to 8/29. As far as I know, those machines being ordered up until 3 weeks after the keynote on 6/23 were still included in the 8/29 ship date, then after that point (around the 15th-20th of july), the orders started getting later ship dates. Now here is something interesting... 3 weeks after I ordered my system, I called Apple up to see if I could put the superdrive back into the system. The guy told me that I would be essentialy ordering a new system, and my order would be pushed back 2-3 weeks. So then I asked when my estimated shipping would be, and he said on or before 8/29 still... So according to him, my system should be shipping between 8/8 and 8/15. So I guess there is some stock in the BEFORE of the on or before 8/29... i just want the thing here already!!
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    This is definately good news. I first started looking into purchasing a powermac in January, but wasn't happy with the dual 1.42 G4. So not too long after that the (reasonable) murmurs of a G5 started. I've been anticipating it ever since then, following all the info, etc. So, when June 23rd came around, I already knew I was going to buy one. I ordered the dual 2.0 right after the keynote, so hopefully I'll be one of the first to get mine shipped.

    I'll be sure to post lots of details about it if I am one of the lucky ones.
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    I have been waiting for a long time too and I could have bought one right away, but I just wanted to see some reviews on the machines before I buy. Now I just hope I won't have wait an extra long time, just because I didn't order an "untested product" when they were announced.

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