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Apple spotlights COLSA Mach5 Cluster

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by thatwendigo, Sep 15, 2004.

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    COLSA Mach5

    Some highlights:
    -Mach5 achieves 25Tflop with 1,566 nodes (an improvement of roughly linear scaling)
    -Runs OS X Server with IBM Fortran XL compiler
    -600 ft^2 of floorspace
    -400kW peak power draw

    There's no mention made of cost, but with an 1,100 node machine costing a little over $5,000,000, can the Mach5 be all that much more?
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    This has been posted about 10 times so far :eek:
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    So that would make it...:D

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    Dr. Dastardly

    ROFL, where the hell do you get those?
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    I almost posted that graphic.. but I didn't want to steal your thunder.

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