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Apple Stock Hits All-Time High, Near $200B Market Cap

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by DaveSW, Mar 5, 2010.

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    I have been looking to buy some AAPL, but now probably isn't the best time.
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    The smart time to have bought AAPL shares was 8-9 years ago before the iPod/iTunes came out. But alas, who is that prescient...:confused:
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    There's a few of us. My price point averaged out to $14.89.
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    its not too late. $300 baby! :cool:
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    I got like 10 shares at 143.. i could have gotten more I guess, it was my retirement fund.. i think we will see lots of fluctuation with the iPad, stocks going up and down as hype goes up and dwindles..

    Stocks are more like a middle school popularity contest, playing more on human emotion than any serious quarterly reports.. atleast AAPL sure has been like this
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    $11.24 here. :D

    For those of you that know AAPL. we'll be back in the low 200s in a week or two.
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    last year it was back down to 80.00 a share:)
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    Looks like this, too, will be Apple's decade.
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    Steve Jobs: "Maaan! $200 billion! We're worth $200 billion! IBM is gonna be loading in their pants!"

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