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Apple Store Australia [Jobs]

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by Vikash, Jun 2, 2008.

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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I recently applied for severall positions for the soon to open store in Sydney. I was just wondering how the application process goes, do you get invited to an interview? And what happens if you don't get invited to an interview, do you get an email about that, or do they just ignore you?

    Thanks for the answers

    Would also be nice to use this topic to talk about your applications for the Sydney stores :)
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    Hey there,

    I have an interview/seminar event today I am going to, very nervous but there is another topic a few links down the list.

    Here it is!

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    Thanks, I already saw the topic, but wanted to open this one specifically for the Aussie store :p.

    How long ago did you apply? And how long did it take them to reply to you?

    I'm kinda in a difficult situation, still live in the Netherlands but will be going on exchange to Sydney (for a year) on the 9th of July. So I probably won't make it to any june seminars :p.
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    I applied back in February and only got my emails two weeks ago, its a case of filling out the job roles in the manner of importance.

    Apparently the Genius' have all been hired and the remaining jobs are Specialists etc.

    You would have to apply for a work visa for Australia in order to gain employment there and even then it may only be for a limited amount of hours. Im sure you already sorted this as you are going but just dropping it in as a mention!
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    Yeah I already know all the visa related stuff, thanks anyway. Wow, so it takes them some time to reply. What positions did you apply for?
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    I also have a little problem. I once visited the creative position page, but when I wanted to apply the other day it told me I already applied... I didn't get any mail from apple of receiving my application, so I didn't apply. Does anyone know who I have to contact for this?

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