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Apple Store Calgary

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by Mammoth, Jun 18, 2006.

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    After a long wait, Calgary is finally getting an Apple Store.
    More Proof
    UPDATE: I scouted around Chinook and found an empy old store thing, right beside the Bay on the opposite of Sport Check on the second floor. I'm guessing this is it.
    UPDATE 2: The real location is not by The Bay, but in fact the old Caban store.
    UPDATE 3: It might not be in the old Caba store, but possibly the Reitmans store.
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    Patiently waiting for Down Under Apple Store....

    Lucky Canadians with your big mountains and your French people and your Apple Stores...:mad: :mad:
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    I live here. No more AARS!

    I hate chinook mall, though. busy as hell(and hell is really busy).

    I was also near a stabbing. I ran. scary.
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    ..Wha? We only have how many Apple Stores? 2 or 3? (I guess that's more than 0, but still. Be mad at the US)
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    Trade you a tanker of poutine for a coouple of 'roos....
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    That would be great. I never thought they would set one up in Calgary.

    Chinook is kind of a busy place...ok, maybe an insanely busy place, but I'll take it.

    Westworld and MyMac Dealer aren't going to be happy.
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    Meh, their selection is mediocre and both their websites suck. But I know someone who works at Westworld, so that could justify the bad website part.
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    I wish Erie, PA would get a store. :(

    Oh well. Theres always next time.
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    This is actually an old story. It was first broken by Shawn King back in February and Apple's website confirmed it on May 11th. It is great that Calgary is getting the store and any scouting of the store, especially with pictures, would be fantastic. If you do get some pictures, I'm sure ehMac and ifoAppleStore would also love to see and post them. Hope it opens soon.
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    I know it's an OLD story, but as far as I know I'm the only one who has investigated it at the mall (Bit sad for a 13 year old). The store is NOWHERE near opening, they haven't even gutted the place. It's all green inside from the colour the people painted the wood at the previous store.
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    We need another Apple Store in New York City :D
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    Having 3 stores doesn't make Apple any more convenient for us to have easy access to Apple. It's not a big deal whether we get a store or not. It's a big deal to get them in lots of major cities, and decent stores at that. I hear the one at Yorkdale isn't exactly something to write home about.

    If it was a big store, or a flagship store, that would be nice. I wish they opened it in Vancouver, though. Large population, plus it's more of an international city.

    The Apple resellers aren't bad places to go, either. There are bad employees at resellers, just like there are bad employees at Apple stores.
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    Very confusing.

    Why Calgary?

    A more sensible location would be Vancouver or Montreal. Just feels better to me. They're more cultured, savvy cities, so I assume there are more Mac users there. :)
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    My guess if that it is a question of availability of the acceptable locations. Apple is very selective in what kind of locations it is willing to to put its stores, and it also seems to have worked at a deal with one Canadian firm, Cadillac-Fairview for its retail outlets. So the likely story is the Calgary location they wanted came open before such locations in other cities. It's not a value judgement that Calgary is better than Vancouver, and they have one scheduled to be open in Montreal.
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    its cause calgary has a high market of broadband users
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    Yeah, I guess it's colder in Calgary, and there are many more people staying in, downloading porn and music, and hugging a MacBook Pro for warmth.
  17. adk
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    That's a pretty broad and uneducated assumption to be making...
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    Not really, by sheer numbers, Vancouver would be a much more profitable place too open an Apple Store in.

    (that's because I live in vancouver :p)
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    Huge tech industry! We've got an insane amount of web design/graphics/computer/programming companies here. Heck Critical Mass alone has a damn impressive client list, Nasa, Dell.ca, Mercedes-Benz, and that's just one company.

    Anyone know when it's opening?
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    Closer and closer they come to where I live....slowly making their way West....




    Calgary? wtf....Vancouver has a huge film and AV industry.....and we only have 1 good place to get Mac stuff.....

    And by good, I mean, they sell a lot of Mac stuff...:rolleyes:
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    Goddamnit, the flames don't deserve an Apple store.

    WE need one!
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    I think westworld is great! I have had a logic board and HD replacement, and the did it quick and friendly.

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    Shaddup. The Canucks aren't all that great either, bud.

    I know, Calgary is a very great tech city. Most high schools give you free iBooks to take home for your work.
    You don't get to keep em, though.
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    Amen, mi amigo......a friggin men
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    I heard through the grapevine that the Apple store in Chinook Mall was opening today! Don't know when I can get there as I live on the other end of the city!

    *** NEVERMIND... wife thinks she is funny! MAC Cosmetics opened up...

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