Apple Store coming to Richmond, VA

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by dricci, Jan 29, 2003.

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    Per MacNN:

    I'm in Falls Church. Anybody wanna car pool to the opening? :D
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    I'm glad a store is coming to Richmond. I'll be moving there in 2004. :)

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    I wish they would build an Apple store near me.
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    If your in Falls Church, there is an Apple store in Tyson Corner Mall upstair near the Sears store, MUCH closer.
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    Re: Hey

    Yeah, I was at the grand opening of tysons, but I want to see the Richmond store grand opening, too :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Clarendon is probably even closer, but what's so special about a grand openning? The stores are nice, but do they give away anything special?

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    I can't believe this!

    There's going to be an Apple Store in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!

    I was at Ala Moana Center yesterday and I saw the area blocked off with black walls and a apple logo with on the bottom.

    I can't wait!

    I always wanted one to open up in Hawaii but I didn't think they would open one up here so quickly.
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    sacramento store as well....
    The Sacramento Bee reports that Apple will open a new retail store at Sacramento's Arden Fair Mall this spring. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on unannounced store openings, but a senior manager at the mall confirmed Apple had signed papers to move into 3,600 square feet previously occupied by the jeweler Bailey, Banks & Biddle. He said Apple would likely move in after renovations are completed sometime in May. Arden Fair's Web site currently lists Apple as a tenant at the second-floor location in the middle of the mall near Nordstrom.
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    Ditto. I can't complain though. There are two within a days drive - but I sure wish there was one closer. But, I don't want my local retailer to go out of bussiness. :eek:
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    E U R O P E ? ? ? ? ?

    When will there be an Apple Store somewhere in Europe? If they would open one in Paris, I'll check it out! Or Dusseldorf, or London.... Amsterdam (best, ofcourse :D )....
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    Hey I live in richmond!!! Woohoo!!

    Short Pump mall? Yeah I went to short pump elementary school. I live 2 miles from short pump.

    Too bad by the time the mall is completed (its still being built) I will be in college 2 hours away...:)

    Thanks for the info!!!!!! Why is this a page 2 rumor? :(

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