Apple Store didn't give me the full education discount

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AbeFroman77, Jul 21, 2011.

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    I went to the Apple Store today and purchased a Macbook Air 11.6/1.8/4/256Flash. I was only given a $70 education discount. On the Apple Website with the same configuration it gives me a $100 discount. I called the store and they said I have to come back to the store. Now the store is sorta far and I'd end up paying almost $30 gas to go back to get my $30. Can't they do it over the phone?
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    usually for macbook airs its only 50 bucks off...
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    I got $50 plus the $100 gift card
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    Like the other poster said, $50. Not $100
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    Wait you can use that 100 dollar gift card towards the computer itself? I thought it was just for itunes/app store
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    The gift card is just for digital purchases, but I did get $100 off the Air using the student discount online. It's only 50 if you don't do any upgrades.
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    How come if I configure it on the website it gives me $100 off, from $1649 to $1549?
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    I just got back from the Apple Store and they gave me a $70 education discount and I opted for the $100 gift card to the Mac App Store.

    My configuration: 13" MBA, 1.8ghz, 4gb DDR3, 256GB flash storage.
  9. AbeFroman77, Jul 21, 2011
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    I got the $70 education discount and the $100 gift card. But if I had bought it on the website it would have been $100 education discount and a $100 gift card.

    Which Apple Store?
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    I got $70 off mine. Purchased from Victoria Gardens.
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    ... some upgrades are also discounted for students. on the 11", the CPU upgrade is discounted, as well as the upgrade to 256GB.
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    Its only 1599 for the top end MBA
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    My configuration is: 13 MBA, 1.8ghz i7, 4gb ddr3, and 256gb flash drive.

    I bought mine from the Apple Store at St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville FL.
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    It looks like it should be $100. The education discount is not flat across all models, SSD and processor upgrades are discounted a small amount as well which is why this model should be $100 less.
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    Not any longer.
  16. AbeFroman77, Jul 21, 2011
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    Top end 11" MBA is $1649. Upgraded CPU and SSD.

    Does the Apple Store employee input the education discount or is automatically discounted when scanned?
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    ... either way, they screwed up. prices online = prices in store. they owe you $30. i would make some phone calls.
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    I did and they told me I had to come back to the store. It's going to cost me almost $30 to get $30, ha.
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    you can try the customer support 800 number. it's not your fault and you shouldn't have to make the absurd "30-30" drive back.
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    I called the 800 number and they said they only do tech support and would have to call the specific store.

    The thing that sucked is I was put on hold for 10-15 mins at the Apple Store just to tell me I had to come back to the store when at the beginning I was told it could be done over the phone.
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    :( sux. sorry.
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    Anyone know if it is necessary to go back to the Apple Store to fix this? Or are they just telling me that because they're really busy?
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    Where are you guys seeing this $1649???

    It is $1599 for the top 13" and $100 more for the Ultimate.

    So you get $50 off the $1599 and and $10 more if you BTO.

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    I had the same issue, and when I called they said to just come back to the store. I think they might be busy, but I'd call back again if I were you and when they say that to say that it's far and if there's any way to do it over the phone.

    It's on the way home from work for me, and I need to pick up a display adapter that I forgot so not too big of a deal for me. Good luck.
  25. AbeFroman77, Jul 21, 2011
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    Try the 11".

    BTW, can I return it for a full refund, after opening it, if by chance I decide I want the 13"?

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