Apple Store Down - Upadates Soon

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by rtdgoldfish, Feb 23, 2005.

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    As of about 8:00 EST, the Apple Store is showing its "We'll be back soon" page. This is usually up when they put up new products so hopefully there will be an announcement soon.
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    been down since around 12.30 here in the UK
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    UK store down too.......... :D
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    Australia store is down as well :D
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    Looking to be a good day for Apple. I've got my credit card ready! Come on Apple, put the store back so I can get my hands on the new toys!!!
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    Yes! Maybe today I can finally get that mini my mom wants. I've been holding out for so long! :)
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    Umm.. is it down?
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    If there will be no updates I hope for a price drop on many models and a speed bumb ;) (512MB RAM should be standard on all now)
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    The new iPods today perhaps?
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    mad jew

    Cheap 60 gig non-photo iPods?
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    Looking forward to whatever Apple has to offer to use my tax refund on.
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    mad jew

    Store back up!

    New iPods!

    Yay :D
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    New iPods!!! Now we have:

    30 gig Photo $349
    60 gig Photo $449
    4 gig Mini $199
    6 gig Mini $249

    It appears no color screen on the Mini but I am gonna have to order one of the Photos. Nice price drop Apple! Actually, 30 gig of the 1 gen iPod photo is in the Sale section for $379. Might get that one as the Photo no longer comes with a dock or case. Seems worth the $20.
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    G5 POWERBOOKS!!!!!!!
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    belgian store is still down... hmm lets check the US store to see what has changed ;-)

    *edit: well that one is down too (still or again)
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    Now 18h battery life on the mini :eek:
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    I can't get onto the UK Store, but just phoned, essentially the new 6GB iPod Mini features along with a price drop on the 20GB iPod. The 40GB is gone, replaced by iPod Photos with 30GB and 60GB. No Dock included as standard even on the top models though!

    Hopefully there'll be more products updated!
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    Wait a sec, no more firewire cable included with the Mini, that kinda sucks. We got price drops but got a hit with many of the accessories. Hmmm...Good or bad thing?? I love my iPod accessories...Oh well, whatever makes more people buy them.

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