Apple Store Down?

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Gus, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. Gus
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    I just went to the Apple Store, and they have the -We're Sorry We're Updating the Store- page? I've only ever seen this at Expo and product release meetings. Any ideas?

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    Don't get your hopes up.... but don't not have some expectations:)

    cough, cough, G5, cough
    j/k :D
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    I can't even get to the apple site anymore...

    It just says its connecting to then, and after waiting ever so long I get the error message with "Connection timed out".

    2 days before the iPod, the store was on "reconstruction". It is the 20th (here in Switzerland) and with 2 more days to go until the 22nd announcmement, this might be the reason.:cool:

    cough, cough, G5, cough cough, I must see the doctor!
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    I see you caught my cough:D
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    Its up...

    Guess it was for no reason at all...

    I see nothing new....
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    #6 is down

    I cant connect at all to let alone apple store!
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    works fine for me. Nothing new, but they may have it ready to switch in a second. I hope that the new PowerMacs are 1+ Ghz. That would be sweet, that and dual processors across the line. Now we're talking.

    Maybe if Apple suprises us...

    cough, cough, G5, cough, cough...

    Man, that cough is contagious :p
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    I caught it a long time ago and more and more people catch it every day.... it just won't go away until something comes along to subside it. You all know what i mean.... cough

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    Tuesday would be the day for an announcement. It fits with previous rumors and previous announcements (typically tuesdays).

    Although it must have been a very brief outage, cuz it works fine now. :confused:

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