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Apple store has a new look

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by digitalgiant, Apr 22, 2003.

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    go take a look. Looks cool enough.
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    Re: Apple store has a new look

    While I would agree if someone were to say the old design was getting dated I would have to disagree about the usefulness of the new page. The new design is pure havoc. It's way too busy. It's really easy to get lost in the amount of information they are trying to get across in such a small area.
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    It sure doesn't seem to implement Apples normal ease of use now does it?

    But hey if you can't seem to find what you need or want then you obviously shouldn't be using a computer.

    I myself would rather buy stuff in person from a store with real people in a real world :)
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    Nothing too mind boggling...there's much worse out there so I'm cool with it. It's not like it's hard to click on a nice fat picture of a computer now is it? And I don't tend to buy from the online store (except for my iPod) so yeah...worries me little.
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    I like the new design, but I have to agree with MacBandit. It is a little too busy, but it seems like it's still pretty easy to navigate. I'm sure with time, and frequent visits, it'll grow on me even more.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its ok, but its not as clean as the last design. This one is a little more cluttered, but I'm sure it will grow on me.

    I did find it hard to find things before, this new design is a little simpler, even with the clutter.

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    i checked it real quick right before i went to school and i couldnt even find the damn ibook button. my eyes were going every which way. once i got to school i could take a better look. but its good what they did, its so much stuff your eyes check out lots of products before your eyes hit the computers, it will get more products to buy in some peoples head.

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    when it comes to computers, i really prefer to buy online. sales people are just that. sales people. i don't need their opinion and it definetely can't be trusted.

    i've never been to an apple store and maybe when i go one day that will all change.. we can hope anyway
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    i notice the sign up for 1 click is on the home page....wondert why thats there now ;) getting readdy for the music service....i guess its always been used but now its a little easier to find.
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    This is just an FYI. The salespeople at the Apple Store in Tampa told us they were not paid a commission, so... while sales people will always be sales people, they are MUCH less pushy than people working for CompUSA (where the pay relies heavily on commission) and other computer companies' stores, like Gateway, who also rely on commission.

    Anyway, just a thought...

  11. Gus
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    Well, it may just be from years of using the old one, but I hate the new layout. Way too much stuff in a small area. I, too had a hard time even finding the iBook area. I'll have to fiddle some more with it.

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    w00t, 900mhz ibooks, and a hot new look :)
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    i kinda like it, but it is a litle busy. i think it'll grow on everyone. i can't remember the old online store before the one that just changed. was there even one?
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    Re: Apple store has a new look

    and a speed bumped ibook...very nice!!

    i like the software selection in gui on the site...cute pix

    apple is primarily a software company...it's what makes a mac a mac
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    Re: Re: Apple store has a new look

    i dont get why people are excited about the new ibooks because they dont have any new specs except processor speed bump and another hd option. and it still boots into os 9 which sj said wasn't going to be in 03.
    sorry if it's off topic, it was just here.
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    Personally, I love the new design, and wish it's style were taken to the individual product pages (when selecting a PowerMac model, for example, I scoff at the design).

    Too busy? Pshaw!
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    I wonder if the other pages of the store will be redesigned as well. I sure hope they will be. My school's education page still features the old store design, and I'd like to see a complete change, and not just one to the store's main page.
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    Re: Re: Re: Apple store has a new look

    i didn't know that ibooks still booted into os 9

    i knew os x was not on schedule since its release, but with the ibook's g3fx processor with 512k level 2, full speed cache, i agree that ibook should boot into os x:rolleyes:

    maybe next time for ibook

    at least os 9 is better than windows xp
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Apple store has a new look

    truer (spelling) words were never spoken:p
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Apple store has a new look

    actually xp for me(note keyword "me") has been great. much more stable than any previos x system was. the only thing i like about 9 is when the system gets hosed its a matter of 15 minunts until your back in business. with xp i gotta format and start all over.

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    eeeewww is that the apple store?!
    wow it's like...microsoft's website again...
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Apple store has a new look

    i disagree if I had to choose between an os9 laptop or a winxp laptop assuming they had all the same features and price i would choose the xp laptop. I love osx and it beats xp anyday but xp works fine in my experience.
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    Re: Re: Re: Apple store has a new look

    Many schools rely on the iBook, and many rely on OS 9.

    Don't mean to hijack, hope someone didn't say that before.
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    i think since they kepy os 9 on the iBooks, they had to leave out bluetooth and airport extreme due to a lack of support for them in os 9.

    and what was that hijack thing?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Apple store has a new look

    i like XP but the more i use it, the more i realize they borrowed the look and feel of OSX

    doesn't anyone here wonder how microsoft got away with "borrowing" again?

    even the name "X" "P", seems too close to OS "X"

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