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Apple store to open in Salt Lake City.

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 12, 2005.

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    That's the idea!

    Get some of those wacky Mormons buying iMacs for all of their wives!
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    I used to only be able to go to apple stores when i went on trips, Finally an apple store near me!
    Its about time

    Thanks Apple
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    Flying Llama

    That was unnecessary...

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    :rolleyes: You might do some research on the LDS faith before you go around making statements like that.

    I'm really glad there's finally an Apple Store opening here. I knew it was going to be opening soon based on job listings on Apple's site. I seriously considered applying there, but there's no way I would make more money than I do now unless I got a Genius position or something, so I decided against it. I do plan to be at the grand opening though.
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    Actually, for offshoots of LDS the man has a point but perhaps a better question is will you have to become a "member" just to be able to go in like they do the bars out there just so you can have a drink? That got real old while setting up for the Olympics.

    Still one more state with an Apple store is a good state of things for Apple. Now if they could finally put one up in Toronto, the Eaton Centre or York would be perfect! Though due to the amount of taxation in Canada and some rather unfair pricing by Apple a new iMac would cost about $4000 CDN.
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    Not really sure what you're referring to. I can assure you that entrance to stores in Salt Lake City does not require that you are a "member" of anything.

    The latest news from ifoapplestore.com is that the store will open next Saturday, November 19 :D.
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    SLC Apple Store

    I'm assuming you mean this in good humor and not as a distorted fact.

    just to clear up the fact though:
    Members of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" don't practice polygamy, and any one who tries is excommunicated.
    There are some people in Utah (and other states I might add) that call themselves "Mormon" or "Fundamentalist Mormons" and practice polygamy, however they are not part of the mainstream of "Mormon" religion.

    I'm glad to see a store coming to Utah, there have been / are some Apple retailers here, but most have "so-so" service, a "so-so" atmosphere and a "so-so" selection . I usually buy what I can from them to help support the little guy, but the Apple store will be a nice alternative / competition.

    Does anyone know, are the Apple stores able to offer educational pricing/products if I can show adequate proof of being a student ?
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    I think he's talking about the fact that all bars in at-least the Salt Lake area are "private clubs for members" so usually if you don't have like a yearly pass or something you have to buy a temporary "membership" to get in to the bar/club (5.00 - 25.00 from what I hear) often (but not always) the cost of the club membership is reimbursed to you through credit towards what you get at the "club" though. This comes from what my friends tell me, I personally don't drink so I don't know from 1st hand experience.
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    want one in scotland. now.

    it's so annoying that the nearest is birmingham, technically another damn country!
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    Even if it was just a joke I find it amusing how quickly members of an unfairly persecuted minority (Mac users, assuming you are one) will make fun of another unfairly persecuted minority. I always find it funny that a lot of people think it's ok to have sex with as many people as you want as long as you're not married to them. A guy who uses a lot of women is a stud, but a guy who marries a lot of women is a monster :rolleyes:

    Sorry for the political commentary (I know I'm oversimplifying the issue), but I couldn't resist (and no, I'm not a polygamist).
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    I quite like MacDocs, as the people there have always been really friendly and helpful to me, but still it'll be good to have an official Apple Store here. Apple Stores give the educational discount for hardware, but not software. The educational discount for software is available at the University of Utah bookstore (even if you're a student from another school). I bought both of my current Macs (see sig) from the U Bookstore.
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    Well, they main reason Mormons don't practice polygamy is because its against the law. I have a friend to used to be Mormon and he told me that they don't practice it because of the law, but if they had it their way, I'd be perfectly acceptable.

    That being said, that guy had bad humor.
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    Not to politicize the thread any more than it has been, but if that was the case, then a) members in countries that permit polygamy would be able to practice and b) there wouldn't have been a proclamation stating that polygamy was not to be practiced. But, b) there was a proclamation and a) even in nations that permit polygamy a member who practices will be in violation of church doctrine. But, that's all for another thread.

    I'm glad they are opening a store in SLC. I got friends out there that will be thrilled. I wonder if this might spur the invisible shield people to consider offering professional installation of their product.
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    I'm a devout Mormon, and I thought it was funny.

    Besides, the iMacs are for my 164 children, not my wives. They get the iPods to listen to while they work, and one for me to drown out their bickering.
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    Yay. I dont have to go to Las Vegas now to visit an Apple store.
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    And yep.. it's offical. Here's the link to Apple's link to the store:


    As for the comment about polygamy, as long as time continues to march on, most people will always have some humorous association with mormons and polygamy.... even if 99% of population here doesn't practice it. So long as they don't put an Apple store in Hilldale or Colorado City :D

    I'll be there bright and early with Starbucks in hand and iPod in ears.

    So nice to be able to have a store now. I was wondering where to spend the rest of my money....
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    FYI, the population of Utah is about 70% LDS, but Salt Lake City itself is only 30%.
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    Wow, interesting to see all the SLC people!

    This is great news for mac people because it means cool events like watching macworld live and stuff like that. I will probably still buy most my stuff from expercom even though i live 2 miles from the gateway, the main thing is that they have always treated me with respect, and never tried to sell me something i didn't want.

    I may not be in the majority, but I don't like macdocs at all. My first experience i bought a stick of ram from them and have had problems with my powerbook ever since. There staff is un-informed, I also had to tell a customer that G5 towers have to install their memory in pairs, the salesman didn't know that. Overall though I just think they don't feel out their customers very well, they just assume everything about you, and try and get you to buy a product you didn't want to begin with, they are the standard salesman types, i hate that.

    Pictureline will still sell macs, Expercom will still be around, but i expect MacDocs to go by the wayside, as sad as it is to say, I don't mind seeing macdocs go, after about 20 visits a year and 20 dissapointments, i just don't mind at all.
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    So nice to see the turnout for the Utah store this morning. Over 400 people in line before the store opened at 10am. All of the major local news outlets were there (ksl.com, sltrib.com, fox13.com) and it looks like this new store will be a major hit.

    Can't wait till I get some more $$ so I can help support this new store.
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    I thought it seemed like more than 400 people, but I'm probably not very good at estimating. I do know that most everyone near the back of the line (where I was) assumed that they would run out of T-Shirts long before we got to the store. They didn't though. In fact, it seems like everyone in line got a T-Shirt, because when I left they still had several boxes, and there weren't that many people still waiting to get in.

    They did a little thing about the store on Fox 13 tonight. It was OK coverage, but it kind of made it seem like everyone in line was weird for going to the grand opening.
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    Yeah, I thought the same. KSL's coverage of the story was much better and more consise. Towards the end of the KSL news story, I saw myself as I passed in front of their camera.

    My friend almost walked out with a 20" iMac, but resisted and ended up with a wireless mouse for his Mac mini.

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