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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jMc, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. jMc
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    Just a heads up - I don't think we're expecting anything major - but the UK online store is currently offline - with the usual holding page...

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    Looks like all the European stores are down too.
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    Doubt its anything major. Great to see a G5 xserve though.
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    It's more likely related to the software problems they have at the moment. Thousands of orders are stuck in Luxembourg and Eindhoven because the software is buggy they are using for their back-end systems.

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    Ooops... double post.
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    Seems to be free iPod engraving.
  7. jMc
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    The free iPod engraving was up yesterday (I don't normally hang about in the Applestore all day, but I'm trying to check up on my PB)...

    At a cvursory glance there doesn't appear to be much different - they've probably just updated a few minor prices or something...

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    maybe stevie boy can slip in a powerbook G5 for the christmas season:D
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    yes jef and im father christmas lmao, wud be nice though, hoping ram prices go down really for another stick of 512 for my book.:)
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    it's good when Apple do the old 'Double Your Installed RAM For Only £18' offer, like last December where I got my 1GHz Ti upgraded from 512MB to 1GB for £18 (or about that amount!!) heheheh :D
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    That was a sweet promotion. Got my TiBook with 1GB RAM for an extra $40US, didn't have to deal with aftermarket retailers, or installing the RAM myself (not that it would have been hard). Plus I didn't even have to think about the dilemma of whether to pay more for the 1x512 chip vs 2x256. It was nice to have my PB maxed out with RAM right out of the box!:p
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    was very cool.... saved serious $$$$$ doing Apple memory for a change.... :eek: :p :p heheh
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    but truthfully, even though the windows PC world has actually forged ahead with speed and cheaper prices, i don't want apple inc to put new ideas and innovation ahead of quality since there has been a noticeable dip in apple's quality over the last year or so

    certain discontinued models, in my opinion, are the best things apple ever made like the tibook and the cube

    ok, ok...i do know why apple dropped the cube...nobody bought it and the cube was steve jobs' modern day version of the lisa...a pet project that meant everything in the world to him but something only he saw as the cube, like the lisa died a terrible death

    but whoever decided to get rid of the tibook was an idiot...everyone i know who posts here a lot who has one, and everyone i know who has one in real life have called it one of their favorite macs

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