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apple store update

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mgargan1, May 9, 2003.

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    well, while most everyone else was either partying or sleeping... i was online, and at 1:20 AM EST the apple store was being updated... i know there's probably nothing mindblowing going to happen, but hey, it's still worth checking it out.
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    ahhh what could it be!
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    hopefully something new!
    like a personal message----"evil, your free g5 desktop is in the mail."
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    I'm hoping it'll be back at the top of the hour, less than 15 minutes...
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    Server maintenece (damn, I suck at spelling at 2 in the morning). It goes down all the time late at night.
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    Especially on weekends. They do a weekly server maintenance. I guarantee it will go down on the weekend one day or another at night every week.
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    yeah there have been threads on this-- the site goes down weekly. no big whoop.

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    There's a thread about this every week it seems like. There needs to be a sticky post at the top of the forums that explains this.
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    I just love apple... :)
    they keep making everything better and better... :) The Best Online Store I've ever seen on net...

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