Apple Stores Down!!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by astray, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Something coming... i hope...
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    Apple Stores Down!!!

    Buckle up guys!!! New things coming!!!!
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    I spent 11 minutes celebrating on iChat, thats why you beat me! :D Apple always brings the European Stores down at 12:30. :D
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    Re: Europe Apple stores down,

    U.S. Store isn't though...

    Actually it just has....

    Hee hee!!
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    US store now down, yee haw!!!
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    Oh yeah!! This is so exciting! Its nuts!!! I really hope that they could squeeze the G5 on the Powerbooks! Or maybe, its new Xserves!
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    Im too fast for my own good, well now all the stores are down, whats coming, new PB's, will they come out b4 the Joswiak keynote.

    Oh ok, you win...NOT..:eek: :eek:

    Ah, it's not about who posts first, it's about who'll buy me a new powerbook.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ok, just a little excited here?

    Don't get your hopes up too much - there are a ton of things that could be presented - but it not being a Jobs keynote I think its going to be minor. I'd like to be surprised though....

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    cool, but the keynote didnt start yet. hmm
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    Is this normal this early in the morning, i know it usally goes down around 2-3 in the morning but, i was curious if 8 was unusall.


    ps sorry for the spelling
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    I know DukeStreet, but this is the result of too much expectation and coffee :D We shall see what will they come up with today!

    Astray: I know man, you beat me up! And you are right on one thing, its not who posts first, but the sharing of the excitement that a Store update brings to all of us. ;)
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    What gets me, is that before i got a mac a few months ago, i would never have gotten this excited by a web store going down. It really is Applemania, or the Cult of the Forbidden fruit or something.
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    why is it that only the us and uk stores are down?
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    I completly agree with you, specially with the Cult of the Forbidden Fruit! That could be our Clan name on WarCraft 3! hehehehhe :D

    But seriously, every single apple thing i own, is a object of desire! Even the old manuals of my SE/30. :D
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    Something is happening...

    Apple Store US is down gentlemen. As is the swedish, norwegian, finnish, german and french stores. Hold on to your hats!
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    How long until Joswiak starts?

    I'm hoping for new keyboard and mouse for G5, but after the ad showed the old ones, I'm not holding my breath.
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    It has to be something new. This isn't just coincidental. It can't be.
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    Quite a few are down, Italy, Germany and France. Japan is still up, i havent bothered checking all the sites.
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    yes!!!! this is the best sign for a couple of months!!! hope this is it! :D
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    Do they shutdown the store if they are adding a non-apple peoduct to the store or something very minor like that?
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    I hope it's new 'books!!!!!

    God this is so pathetic--I'm sitting here at work, refreshing my browser that's open to the Apple page over and over, hoping something new will come up :)
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    you know, i've spent the past week or two saying there was no reason to believe that we'd see anything noteworthy today, but now i'm contemplating calling in sick and going down to the javits center just to hang around outside... you know, just in case.

    astray, you're right, this must be a cult!
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    Mr. Anderson

    A couple months? Come on, what about WWDC just last month when the G5s came out - or were you sleeping through that? It was madness around here.

    Hopefully the servers handle the influx of members coming in to find out what happened....

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    BTW, i have the apple store window open and im refreshing about every 10 seconds

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