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Apple Stores in Canada?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Feb 25, 2004.

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    About freakin time!!!! :D Hopefully they'll open and signal the laungh of iTMS in Canada as well.

    Now... where can I sign up for a job? ;)
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    Hey! That's good news. Our favoUrite company is finally coming this side of the boder, in the flesh. :D
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    Finally! Now if only they come to Montreal.
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    Yea!! I take the subway from Yorkdale to Eaton center everyday. That means Ill be seeing the Apple store 4 times a day!
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    Nice to see Apple expanding into other territories. I can't wait for Apple Store London. Expect new stores in Paris, Rome, Geneva, Stuttgart, Glasgow.. in the next year or two. (Not to mention more US ones :) )
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    Are you sure about the job thing?
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    Congratulations to our members from Canada. Apple needs to meet the needs of its international customers as well. Europe should also be on the list soon. Hopefully it will be this year.
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    Sure, as a part-time gig for the joy of it, and possibly discounts on merchandise. I'd rather not be commissioned. Takes the pressure off of conning people.

    No retail store is without it's problems.
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    Why wouldn't they put it in Montreal and Toronto instead of what ever other crappy city it was in, given that Montreal and Toronto or the two bussiest cities in canada.

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    Go Canada!
    Don't they realize Vancouver is a huge market?
    Hosting Winter Olympics 2010?!

    Something fishy going on with management and policy... Apple needs to fire some people high up there first...

    ps. or they need to hire me to sort it out ;)
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    VERY cool! I stay at the Marriott at Eaton Centre all the time, it's a very hip little area on Toronto's Yonge Street. It'd be perfect for an Apple Store! This is great news and 'bout friggin' time, eh?!
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    awesome!!! im only two hours away from toronto!!! ill be there for the grand opening!!!
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    Wow, that was one hell of a line at the japanese apple store opening.

    I thought the line at the Chicago Michigan Ave. store opening was absurdly long when I went, but it was only about 2/3, maybe 3/4, of that.
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    Yorkdale has a massive hole in it where Eatons/Sears was that Apple could subsection, retrofit, and move into rather quickly.

    But, my recollection (admittedly a few months old), of the Eaton Centre is that the same can not be said for it. Unless they kick the Ryerson Students out and gut the old multiplex on the northwest end. I'd see it as far more likely they they'd move into the northeast side shopping complex for the Yonge/Dundas redevelopment kitty corner with EC's north end so they could be in the general public's eyes. Afterall, the main problem with the EC is still that its a massive enclosed brick monolith with little to no ability to see whats inside from the street.

    But, to be honest, it will be one or the other, not both. There's already a farily large concentration of Apple dealers in Toronto, and especially downtown. So, I'm not sure it's in Apple's best interests to step all over them.
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    It seems that we may have finally isolated the Negative Ratings culprits who rate every story negative: Canadians. This is the first time I've seen more than 20 ratings when 0 are negative.

    I'm onto you, Canadians! ;)
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    OR just nobody cares about those canadi-who?

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    Everybody knows the West is the Best.. Vancouver is where they should put it.:D
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    What about those of us in BC? Talk about western alienation.
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    Does it mean...

    G5 PB´s release at the same time with the store? :p ... cool! (I know, off topic, but someone has to do it)
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    Booo yaaa! bout time!
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    GAH!!!! they have to wait until right when i am moving out of toronto!
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    Ok guys! He's gone. Bring in the store. Easy... easy... easy... there! Put it down. Perfect!
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    give me one in Vancouver!~!

    APPLE,don't forget Vancouver!!!!:mad:
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