Apple Stuck Apologizing For AT&T Yet Again With A $30 iTunes...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Apple is far too good of a company to be "Stuck" with AT&T. This is why I am glad that I pre-ordered my 3gs through an AT&T store. I just wish AT&T would offer MMS and Tethering at the launch.

    I guess I'm a lucky one I activated my 3gs at home and it only took me 3 mins tops. It really stinks that Apple is stuck with picking up the bill to save their own reputation.
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    Some people have just gotten far too attached to doing things online. I simply called AT&T customer service on Friday and had my phone activated in about 5 minutes. Plus, since I'm a brand new customer, I was able to get some of my questions answered by a real person, got my number ported from US Cellular to the iPhone, and even talked them into waiving my activation fee. It's a shame Apple has to cover for anybody, considering the activation method in question is ONLINE and always has the chance of going down (especially when so many people are trying to access the same server all at once).

    AT&T seems to be the company people love to hate, but so far, I have nothing but praise for them. The fact that I ordered the iPhone on the 14th (after their pre-order "deadline" of the 13th) and they still shipped it Thursday using 2nd day service, which got it in my hands on Friday, without waiting in any lines, says a lot about the company. Of course, their lack of features like MMS messaging and 3G in my area leaves something to be desired, but they aren't services I need right now anyways.
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    I'd take a couple extra days until activation for $30 in the iTunes store, haha.
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    I agree

    I agree with that.
    When I first purchased my iPhone a week after release there was a snafu and I was accidentally charged about $45 that I should not have been. This occurred in an AT&T owned store. After a few tries at fixing the issue at the store I got fed up and called AT&T customer support, just the normal every day number.

    By the end of the call I was tingly with the level of help I got and specifically asked for a supervisor so I could compliment on my experience.
    Initial problem: solved.
    Communication: I always knew what she was doing and how long it would take
    Followup: I was promised a callback on my next billing date to confirm the refund credit was applied. As promised, the day of my billing statement closing I was called back by the rep and advised that the credit was issued. THAT was amazing.

    I've sine called support two more times and left the call completely satisfied with the handling and result of the call.

    Say what you want... crappy coverage, high bills, whatever. Find me a carrier that doesn't have someone complaining about those things.
    But when the going gets bad, AT&T's customer reps have been stellar. They have me for good (or until that support changes).
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    At least it's a gift certificate to iTunes, and not the Apple store (like last time). Which means it's actually useful without fishing out more money. Props to Apple (of course also gets people using iTunes which is smart for them too).
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    Why is it AT&T's fault?
    Apple is the one that put the lame activation process in in the first place.
    AT&T still has to activate iPhones via Apple's ITMS servers.
    Looks more like Apple is the one who dropped the ball, not AT&T. :rolleyes:
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    Those are two phrases that chill me to the bone :eek:

    I don't know who's responsible for the activation issues behind the scenes (could be either party--or both). But my loathing for AT&T has been earned by their real people many times over :eek: Every time I call them I get completely different facts (about my iPhone, my DSL, my landline, whatever) all in exquisite detail with emphatic certainty... but totally in contradiction to what the last person told me. They have failed to make the simplest changes to my account, or to fix the simplest errors, time and time again. You may as well scream into a pillow as call AT&T and try to work out... pretty much anything. That, sadly, has been my experience.

    I spent HOURS--many hours--trying to get out of a $10 charge they were going to slap me with for having DSL and an iPhone both from them. Yep, I'm serious--they were going to RAISE my DSL cost (not ending a promo, but actually raising me ABOVE normal) if I got an iPhone. The first person to tell me about it said not to worry--it will be waived. (Then why have it??) The next dozen people (half supervisors) told me a dozen different detailed and contradictory reasons why the charge would not be waived, and sometimes met my courtesy with accusations of me being greedy! Or just about flat-out said I was lying about being told it would be waived. And guess what? The last person I eventually talked to (nobody special, just a random operator) said, in effect, "what? $10 extra for having DSL and a mobile phone? no, no, they always waive that, it's automatic." Which was ultimately true. Utter absurdity. I have half a dozen such stories, and one day, on my deathbed, I'll want my 48 hours back :eek:

    And yet, since calling AT&T is like Russian Roulette (without the fun), I'm not at all surprised to hear that some people have had a problem-free experience. It's luck.

    And I have no illusions of getting much better out of most other big companies, though. Verizon is supposedly better--on average. Which is to say, your experience is STILL luck, and could be better or could be worse. The odds are better with Verizon, but better doesn't seem to mean NO horror stories. Merely fewer. I surely wouldn't dump my iPhone for that.
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    Well said.

    I've had similar issues. :rolleyes:
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    This only seems to be an issue in the US which would indicate that this is a carrier related problem.
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    PHX, AZ.
    Highest sales volumes are in the U.S. and Apple has regional ITMS activation servers.
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    This is part of it, but only part of a much larger problem. We live in a day when so many people think that technology is there to serve them and them alone. They also believe that the technology is magic--it always works and not only as intended but also as they want.

    I bought my first iPhone on Day 1 back in 2007. It exceeded my expectations. Friday, I purchased a new 32 GB iPhone 3G S, my second iPhone. The activation lines were swamped. My process lasted about two hours. However, AT&T's personnel could not have been nicer. They, other customers, and I made an adventure of it.

    Things got worse as stores across the Nation opened to the general public. Eventually, my local people dropped the computer in favor of the telephone activation. [Imagine the phone company using the phone. Who would have thought?!] At any rate, I left in the early afternoon the happy owner of a new iPhone 3G S. I had met some nice people along the way.
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    Oct 9, 2006
    I blame apple for the activation delays. Apple is a HUGE part of the problem with the activatoin delays.

    Reason being is every new iPhone that is purchase has to be activated on the system weather or not the person is already an ATT customer. This puts a huge strain on the activation servers that were never and never will be design to handle the huge spike at iPhone releases. No company would be design to handle that spike.

    What apple should of done is design the phone software to act like all of the other GSM phones out there. That is get a new phone and just threw in your old sim card and boom everything is working. NO activation required. Removed a huge part of the strain on the sytem.

    But to expect people here to understand why apple is causing a huge part of the problem is next to impossible.

    People in britain are reporting problems.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    I was in the same situation, I was having problems activating through iTunes, I called AT&T and they got whatever the problem was fixed and the new iPhone was working in about 5 minutes. I guess it all depends on which CSR you get and whether they’re having a good or bad day?
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    Jun 22, 2009
    Activation Issue

    When my phone didnt activate after a few minutes, I called ATT and was told that the activation system had crashed andit could take from 48 hours to 2 WEEKS! As a new customer to ATT I was not excited about it, but I took what I got. After about 26 hours I was activated but only after turning the phone off and on again. I tried the airplane mode trick posted somewhere else without success several times.

    all in all I LOVE my new iPhone and so far ATT has ben 5 bars everywhere Ive been. Couldnt say the same for Sprint...

    I wonder if 26 hours qualifies for the $30 itunes credit!?
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    Jul 17, 2002
    And who told you that you can't use your old SIM card in your new iPhone?
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    You can use your old SIM card, I am, but the phone still needs to be activated to get it out of Emergency call mode.
    That was Apple's design choice, not AT&T's.

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