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Apple student gallery

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 9, 2005.

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    so is this a new thing, or just something I've never seen before?
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    Must be kinda recent, it has the "new" site look to it.
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    i saw this sorta thing a while ago.....
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    I'm pretty sure this has been awhile for almost a year now. I'm always downloading those independent college movies.

    The best one is, "Mr. Keely and the Misfit Kids"
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    Link please! You must be new to the interweb (I hate it but it's the only work I know. Interweb.)
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    The student areas are going through a major redesign as we speak so i'm unable to get anything from there.
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    I dug through my blog and found the urls directly to the movies. I pieced these urls together myself since Apple doesn't allow direct download from the gallery.

    Robert Keely and the Misfit Kids by Chase Voorhess.

    Since Apple is revamping the site these downloads may be slow and could even break in the near future due to the redesign.
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    Man.......that's a new door! :p

    I wonder if this could be a sign of something truly spectacular this Wednesday! :eek:
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    Well it's new to me, and I gotta say, I like it.
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    I recommended Not Enough Time by Danna Richards in the music thread. I can't wait to get home and d/l this (don't have QT Pro at work).

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