Apple Superbowl Ad?

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    #1 (German) claims that the Superbowl will bring a surprise for Mac users.

    According to the German site, their sources imply that the Superbowl will bring something big from Apple.

    Earlier articles, however, noted that Apple was considering a 20th anniversary Ad for this year's Superbowl... but a subsequent (Jan 20th) CNN Money article revealed that Apple did not have "any plans to advertise during the Super Bowl to mark the ad's 20th anniversary."

    MacGuardians has not been a particularly vocal rumor site, so their accuracy is unknown.
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    Gotta love surprises!!!
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    Comeon, updated PowerBook!!
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    Does that mean I have to watch the superbowl now?

    I was kinda hoping to skip it and just flip over for the commercials now and then. Now I've to watch the entire thing so I can be sure I don't miss anything? Come on.

    Arn, I'm counting on you to update me as soon as something happens that's interesting. By that I mean an Apple commercial. I'll be teaching myself illustrator.
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    G5 PowerBooks.

    . . . I love the G5 PowerBook rumor, it's always around. :D

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    Isn't there some place where you can look up which companies have bought air time? I keep thinking that there is...

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    Come on Apple surprise me, I'll be taping the superbowl so i'll hope to catch any good ads.
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    Please oh please let it be G5 Powerbook.. I want a new laptop... and new Mac in just about forever... I'm ready to purchase my new laptop but want to wait to see if this brings a G5 Powerbook!! (I need some way to show up my dad!!)
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    This is the same crap we've been swallowing for weeks. Even if something turns out to be actually happening tomorrow (which it won't) it'll only be because if you keep saying "something big happening tomorrow!" every day, eventually you're going to be right.
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    ahh... there we go again.

    nope, i lost all hope for a near future powerbook update.

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    Re: Apple Superbowl Ad?

    In two words... "It better." :)

    The ONLY reason I'll be watching the superbowl tomorrow, is because I'm hoping for an Apple surprise.
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    I demand displays.

    mayhaps a 30" or just updated 23"/20"/17" ... we're supposed to expect something big? ... a 30" display would be pretty big
  15. dho
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    darn, so much for doing homework tommorow :(
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    i have lost all hope... :(
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    i'm EyeTV-ing the superbowl - so if there is a commercial - i'll have it up and downloadable minutes after it airs

    i'll make a webpage right now with nothing on it, if the commercial airs, check the page and i'll have it up there

    the page:

    with all the sites commenting on the ads and who bought how much space, i'm pretty sure all the advertisers have been revealed already. i don't know how possible it is that apple could keep a superbowl ad a secret when a whole messa sites already reviewed the ads and we know about the pepsi ads and that there will be a huge number of penis enlargement ads.
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    Since there is no hope for an Ad from Apple -- does anyone know where to get that ad from 'Computer Associates' where the ... associates to the Executive keep on getting knocked out?
    "Don't worry, he told my everyth-- " *Bonk!*

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    gotta be a 20th annoversary mac
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    I'd love to see it... But I just don't believe it
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    Where do they base this on?

    I find this a load...

    Apple has something so secret no one know about, even a site which's Job it is to tell us what companies have advertisements in the Superbowl...

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    Seriously, I have a lot of respect for Macrumors. But this really deserves to be page 2.

    Maybe the "big news from Apple" is simply a mistake and Germany just got word about the iTunes giveaway? :D
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    Apple is not listed on the adage site. I give this very little credibility.

    When is the last time Apple ran an ad during the SuperBowl? I think it was 1999 when they aired the HAL ad. The only others I know of are 1984 (aired in 1984) and Lemmings (aired in 1985).

    If they had a spot this year I bet it would be just more of those dancing silhouettes promoting iPod. At least they could have Mini-me promote the new iPod mini.

    MWSF has just ended. I think no new products will be announced for several months.
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    That page hasn't been updated in over a week, and it is certainly possible that Apple held off until the last minute in order to preserve any bit of secrecy they could have.

    As do I, but it gives me a little hope, so I'm happy :)

    When was the last time Apple had a 20th anniversary?

    Man I hope not.

    That wasn't the impression I got from Jobs AT MWSF, but who knows.

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