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Apple Takes Control of iCloud.com

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Apple has taken ownership of the domain iCloud.com. The domain was believed to have been sold to Apple for a price tag of $4.5 million. Prior to today, the whois domain registration listed Xcerion as the owner.

    This change in domain registration information means Apple has control of the domain and will be able to redirect it to their own site. At present, iCloud.com still points to Xcerion's own service that has been renamed to CloudMe.com.

    Apple has already confirmed that they will be introducing "iCloud" at WWDC next week. Apple has started trademark registrations for iCloud and seems to be readying for its imminent launch.

    Article Link: Apple Takes Control of iCloud.com
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    The ducks are all lining up in a tidy row.
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    Here's hoping that Apple iCloud will beat all the recently announced premature services.
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    What happens in 2018 when it expires?
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    So is iCloud.com supposed to go live after WWDC? Because it keeps redirecting me to Cloudme.com, but WWDC '11 will be amazing.
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    neko girl

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    4.5 mil?? I wish I cold predict the names of upcoming technology or products...
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    4.5 mil.....for a domain name.
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    I wish I had been clever enough to register iCloud.com a long time ago. :(

    Apple will renew their registration for the name in 2018, I suppose. If Apple is still using that brand.

    "WWDC '11 will be amazing." Indeed! :)
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    I'm very excited to see how iCloud turns up.

    But I am wondering if they are going to greatly enhance the MobileMe Gallery to the iCould Gallery (or whatever new name they give it) that would get me to stop using Flickr.

    If they make iCould free and bring a social photo uploading such as facebook or flickr, I'll actually start using it.
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    Out of curiosity, how do big companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc buy their domains? Is it just like the average user and they go to some place like Godaddy.com or Hover.com? I'm going to assume not.
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    that's $4.5 million thats gonna be passed onto the consumer...
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    What makes you think it will expire ? If you've never owned a domain name before, here is how it goes : About 90 days prior to the expiry, your registrar sends you a nice e-mail asking you to pay for additional time. You then call them/visit their website/e-mail them/use whatever other contact method to provide them payment and they simply change the expiry date to a new one.

    Domains don't expire unless you let them expire by not renewing your registration with your registrar.
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    Apple users MarkMonitor, and is basically just another registrar. The issue is if you want a domain that someone else owns, then you have to buy it from them.

    Even worse, is trying to buy a domain from a company that is actively using it. Which was the case of iCloud.com.

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    Anyone tried to call that 570-708-8780 number? I believe the endeavor media group owns it
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    Apple OC

    Mark Cuban sold Broadcast.com to Yahoo for 4 Billion dollars
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    Too much non-Apple originated media + low end AT&T data plan + HDD cheaper than ever/latest and greatest comes with more space than ever = me scratching head regarding how iCloud will simplify/better my life.

    I do hope though, that its good for the folks who can take advantage of the service:)
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    HOLY ****!! i need to start registering domain names with "i"s in front of them guessing future apple products :D
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    If you look at the pic in the OP, it says record will expire 15 Jan 2018. I figured Apple wouldn't have an issue renewing a domain name, I was just curious.
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    Nuclear Launch Detected.

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    Big difference between selling a company (with domain) then just a domain itself...that said, you still could bank some nice cash:) Good luck mate!
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    "You must construct additional pylons"..."#@$*%# !!!!"

    Story of my pvp life:(
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    All domains say that. When you register a domain, you do so for X time, usually counted in years. Some registrars offer different lengths of time, based on the rules placed by the registration authority for the gTLD or ccTLD you are registering in.

    In this case, the domain was registered until 2018. Hence it's expiry date. Again, before that date comes, Apple will receive a nice "domain expiry warning!" to remind them to renew the registration.

    To answer someone else : Apple and all others use the "same" registrars we do, except they usually don't go for the cheap "godaddy.com" and others, they use bigger, more entreprise oriented ones like NetSol (sorry, it's NetworkSolutions these days).
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    Just the domain. It's all described in the summary of the article. The owners of the domain, Xcerion AB simply renamed their service CloudMe.com.

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