Apple Takes Possession of and Domain Names

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    According to Fusible, Apple has finally taken possession of the domain names and, forwarding those addresses to the company's iPhone pages. Whois listings for the new domains now point to Apple as the owner, with brand protection firm MarkMonitor appearing as the registrar as is customary for Apple's domains.


    Apple last month took control of just ahead of its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote where it rolled out the service. The company later registered fifty additional domain names related to the announcements made at the event.

    It is unclear just why it has taken a year for Apple to obtain the domain name, although it is not unusual for Apple to wait significant amounts of time before securing such names, as evidenced by the fact that Apple is just now trying to acquire

    Article Link: Apple Takes Possession of and Domain Names
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    This is a good thing!:apple:
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    Now when are they going to get
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    Or .......

    Lots of domain names they have trademarks for that they do not own.
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    Good deal.
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    Just ordered
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    Some domains include Pcfreeipad, pcfreeiphone etc. Is it a sign of new technology or are those domains just registered keeping number of searches people may make?
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    Were these domains registered by third-parties? Did Apple have to buy them from the owners, or were they able to handle it with the ICANN appeals process, as any iPhoneX domain should be valid as grounds for a bad-faith appeal.

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