Apple Television Set to Include Motion Sensing Control and Touchscreen Remote?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 11, 2012.

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    While Apple is not expected to reveal its long-rumored television set product that has been the subject of increasing rumors at today's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White has published a new research note addressing some of his expectations for the device based on a recent visit to Taiwan for the Computex trade show and to visit with supply chain companies in several markets.

    White believes that the Apple television set will adopt several methods of interaction, most significantly including motion detection technology, perhaps similar to that found in Microsoft's Kinect offerings. He also suggests that the television will still include a remote control, which will arrive as an iPad-like touchscreen device.
    White makes no mention of Siri voice control, but many observers expect that Apple will also make use of its voice recognition and natural language processing algorithms to make it easy for users to control their television viewing experiences.

    Finally, the new report from White also outlines his continued belief that Apple is preparing to launch a smaller "iPad mini", with both that product and the next-generation iPhone reportedly lining up for a simultaneous launch in September of this year.

    Article Link: Apple Television Set to Include Motion Sensing Control and Touchscreen Remote?
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    I think the current Apple TV remote is excellent. A touchscreen remote is not needed in my opinion.
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    No. Fing. Way
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    Sounds good! As long as they implement it correctly unlike the kinect where nothing gets recognized!! :mad:
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    Nothing to see here. March march
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    And just when I was wondering where the crazy rumors would come from on the day of the keynote...
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    Touchscreen display as a remote I can see.
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    To Apple and the rumored Apple TV set:

    No thanks.
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    We already have touchscreen remotes that adapt to the current and future ecosystem.

    They include:
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    The question is will it have 4k and be 3d glasses free if not I can pass
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    For the love of god put analyst's ridiculous speculation on Page 2.

    Analysts are NEVER right.
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    hmm i still think this is a hobby for apple.
    they are not quite ready yet
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    I'm going to go with.....NO
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    What about all this requires an entire television? Why not build this stuff into a future apple tv + an app? Or is it more about brand cache to have the apple television set?
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    Wii U?
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    this will be a 5 hours keynote....
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    An analyst has to be an idiot to write that Apple would make an iPad sized remote, instead of using the iPhone, iPad, etc.
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    In my opinion, White is out in the blue...
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    Different strokes for different folks I guess...

    But I HATE the ATV remote. Too easy to accidentally click the select button while scrolling. And a 'digital' up/down button is a very poor way of scrolling through lots of content. A touchscreen remote would be far, far quicker and more accurate for selecting programmes from an EPG.

    Hopefully, the TV sends the programme list to the remote, so you can keep the existing programme on-screen while scrolling through the EPG on the remote.
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    Is Brian White usually accurate with his predictions?
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    The public at large (me included) will absolutely not pay the premium that Apple will charge for there TV's. The trend is is for large cheap screen that people can add there own PVR's, Consoles and media players to.

    This is a stupid move by Apple and they should concentrate on developing the Apple TV in to a must have device with Apps.
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    He didn't say iPad sized. He said iPad like.
    There is a difference.
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    It's Apple. Of course it's going to be a touchscreen remote or some kind of "revolutionary way to interact with your television".
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    My instant reaction: sounds a lot like an iPod touch.

    Remote is a great app. But as a dedicated remote, people expect it to work instantly… they don't expect to have to unlock the device, and wait for wi-fi connection to establish…
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    Exaclty, why include another touchscreen device when we got the best, all we need is just an app like the remote app:cool:

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