Apple to Add 500 New Jobs at European Headquarters in Ireland

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Apr 20, 2012.

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    RTÉ reports that Apple is making plans to add 500 more jobs at its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, bringing the total headcount at the site to 3,300 as the company works to continue expansion of its business in the region.
    Apple expects to add the new jobs over the next 18 months, and the move appears to be on top of plans for 350 jobs in downtown Cork announced less than a year ago.

    The company's main campus in Cork was in the news earlier this week after Greenpeace activists scaled a building to protest Apple's use of coal-derived power at its data centers.

    Apple of course continues to expand its workforce at and around its corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California, with the company snapping up a number of leases in the area to support the growth as it works toward building a new campus for up to 13,000 workers. The company is also expanding at its other primary employment hubs, currently working with governmental authorities on a plan to add 3,600 at its administrative and support center in Austin, Texas, doubling the size of its workforce there.

    Article Link: Apple to Add 500 New Jobs at European Headquarters in Ireland
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    Adding more jobs can never be a bad thing, no matter where they are.
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    It is good that Apple are expanding internationally. Hopefully Apple will lose some of its American market focus, such as providing an iPad that is 4G capable worldwide, but just in USA.
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    The risk with this continued growth at Apple is that, like many large companies, they will start to lose focus and become bloated with internal bureaucracy.

    Steve was consistent in his vision that Apple should continue to operate and behave like a small company even as it grew. I certainly hope that under Tim's leadership this will continue, but I fear that this mindset is already starting to erode as Apple's growth accelerates.
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    Oh get over the 4G thing already.
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    Cork is Apple's central logistics platform. Apple EMEIA's (Apple Europe Ltd) HQs are still in London however. I see Cook's focus on Operations help strengthen the operational node that Cork is, to better serve customers and Value Adding Distributors all across the area. Sounds like a smart and necessary move !
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    European HQ in Ireland = tax shelter.

    Another fine American company dodging taxes in Ireland.
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    Adding jobs in low tax areas. Ireland is among the lowest tax regions in the developed world. It would be cool to see a picture of the planned building there.

    Austin, TX of course is always a month away from separating from the union over excessive taxation and regulation, and when it does and takes over administration of Mexico, Apple will be well positioned. :D

    The Carolinas and Oregon for the data center, yet more low tax right to work states.

    It is actually surprising Apple is expanding in California, the highest tax state except NY and by far the most regulated state. NYC is worse, but that's not a state.

    I think UT might be next. They accept gold and silver (the only tender allowed in the constitution) as legal tender to bypass the Obama administration currency crash which will be with us for years after he is gone. The Obama currency crash is by far the worst tax on poor and middle class and retired folks in our nation's history. It gets NO media at all.


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    The 4G thing was an example. The range of content on iTunes is another. But Apple are improving in this area, the more international day 1 launch of the iPad for example.
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    Because that worked so well last time. :rolleyes:
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    With the already high taxes in the USA and soon to get higher, Id expand elsewhere as well.
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    Maybe they’ll hire them to help ward off those pesky Greenpeace protesters. ;)
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    Would you do something different if you owned Apple?
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    I could have sworn someone said the Apple Europe HQ was in London a few posts up. I guess you showed him what.
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    Apple should be blasted in the media and given a black eye by the public.

    I really hope the story plays out in mainstream media as "apple moves jobs overseas to avoid paying American wages and taxes."
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    Are you serious?

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    Dublin, Ireland.
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    He's serious. A xenophob, and wrong, but serious. He has drunk the Kool-Aid of his political party and its one-sided media.

    You know, the same party that accelerated the very process at work now!

    It takes all kinds. :(
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