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Apple to Air Student-Made iPod Touch Ad

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by boss1, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Wow, that's cool. I wish Apple would swoop me up for something... Who hasn't day dreamed about meeting Steve Jobs and maybe talking him into letting you look at least one prototype... lol.
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    I've already emailed Steve and asked him for a million dollars a few weeks ago. I got no response so I'm just going to have to get rich by other means is all :)
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    That's way cool Apple would do that.

    I guess when you have creative products, then you have users with creative minds... :p

    (ew, the Devil just put the image of a brown Zune in my mind...)
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    Apple to Air Student-Made iPod Touch Ad


    In an unusual move, Apple will be airing a new television ad that started as a student project, according to The New York Times. The new iPod touch ad will begin airing on Sunday.

    The ad started as a student project created by 18 year old Nick Haley and posted to YouTube. Haley was contacted by Apple's ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day
    The original version of the ad is a fast-paced tour of the iPod Touch set to the song "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex" by CSS. Haley was specifically inspired by the line in the song "My music is where I'd like you to touch."

    Article Link
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    just saw this on digg, it's awesome.

    only thing it's missing is the "iPod + iTunes" before the apple logo

    but definitely a good blend of the iPod ads and the iPhone ads.
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    Just goes to show that Apple does pay attention to what people are posting on the Web.

    (Edit: last post as a 6502.)
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    very apple like
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    Wow. That makes the agency's job easy.
    Surf youtube, buy ideas. Let's go home.

    Great start in advertising for the kid though. Start at the top.
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    Kinky... :eek:
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    This is a great way to make more people create ads for Apple...not only is it cool and quirky, but this is a fantastic marketing scheme...
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    not quite Page 1 material...
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    Much Ado

    Quick! Headless iMac! New Macbooks... ;)
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    Pretty cool ad, perhaps a bit fast paced at points but the ending is brilliant.
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    Doctor Q

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    It's as good as, if not better than, some of Apple's own ads.
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    So the YouTube video is the original ad? Looks pretty broadcast-ready if you ask me.
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    That's amazing. That ad was really good. I'm happy for that guy.
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    Viral marketing that's the hot new trend in modern advertising.

    Given all the attention paid to other Apple advertising, I'd say that it rates.
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    I like this ad better than any of the old iPhone ads. Shows product usefulness in a fast and easy to understand way.
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    I disagree. By Apple using the ad, it is practicing what it has preached. Apple products allow you to be creative, and that is what this ad and usage has proved.
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    That is very cool, lucky kid...
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    That's really very good. Great use of the CSS tune.
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    great ad!!! i love it! better than the current iPhone ads for sure... good job nick!
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    Oh, didn't you know he made it with Windows Movie Maker? :rolleyes:
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    wow.. seriously people.. it looked like it cut from one thing to another extremely fast.. and the fonts were HUGE. meh. whatever. i know apples would be a lot cleaner and professional.. but why are people saying it looks like ad material as it is?

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