Apple to Announce Back-to-School Promotion at WWDC? iPad Discounts Included?

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    Last week, a report surfaced claiming that Apple could launch its annual back-to-school promotion in the United States as early as this week, offering educational customers free or discounted iPod hardware with the purchase of a qualifying Mac product. With it now appearing that the offer will not debut this week, BGR is reporting that Apple may wait until next month's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to announce the promotion.
    The report also indicates that Apple may be preparing to include a $200 discount on the iPad as an option for those participating in the promotion.

    Last year's promotion offered rebates of up to $199 on Apple's full line of iPod models, but did not include the iPad. Apple has also never included iPhone discounts in the promotion, which typically runs through early September, around the time the company traditionally introduces new iPods.

    Article Link: Apple to Announce Back-to-School Promotion at WWDC? iPad Discounts Included?
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    Then they will have iPod surplus :rolleyes:
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    A discount that significant on an iPad? That's almost a no brainer. If one of my sons were in college, I would buy him the Mac and keep the iPad.
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    very enticing...

    wow, if that' true about the discount for the iPad2 I just might finally pick one up. :)
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    I know this is sort of off-topic, but that B2S promotion - picture distracts me - My eyes tend to go to the ipod touch, followed by the mac and then straight after to one of the notes on the wall in the background where it says "summer jobs" xD - That jobs thing, could that be a hint to a certain S. jobs?
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    iPad or iPad 2?
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    If indeed the $200 rebate is applied towards iPads, I don't care if it is iPad 2 or refurbished iPad 1 (not that there are any currently in the store). But if the new MacBook Air line is announced alongside this deal... well, there's no way I'll be able to resist.
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    Aren't the only iPad 1s they're selling refurbished? I doubt they'd do that.
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    Sounds nice, but regarding the "wow" event at WWDC, what could it be?

    iOS 5 or 4.5? Siri integration? iTunes iCloud? It seems that it would be a software "wow" and not a hardware "wow"
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    That's what has been the rumor for months now. No new hardware (Iphone) all Lion and probably iOS 5.
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    They've got to be releasing new macBooks in time for the back to school promotions.
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    Discount on an :apple: iPad would be cool.
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    "on the iPad"

    also, does this work with refurbished mac purchases?
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    They're not gonna discount the iPad. They can't even keep up with demand at full retail pricing. Their rollout to international markets is incomplete (i.e., the iPad is not sold in all the markets where they sell iPhones and iPod touches).

    The only day that Apple might consider discounting iPads is their 24-hour holiday sale after Thanksgiving (Cyber Monday, I believe).
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    The free iPod is not that big a kicker anymore...
    A discount towards an iPad or iPhone would indeed be this a fantastic deal.
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    Any time they do a promotion it's when they're getting rid of old stock.
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    Genius marketing idea
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    Ahhh, Apple's Back to School sale...the time of the year when MR members desperately plead with their friends in college for the discount.
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    They are not going to discount the iPad.
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    $1250 for a MacBook Air + iPad 2. not bad. not bad at all.
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    I'd be surprised if this was true. The Back To School promotion has always been about clearing out the iPod stock ahead of September's annual iPod/Music event when the iPod lineup normally gets updated.
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    Maybe they are trying to get something to combat the offer Microsoft put up?

    A free $199 Xbox with any purchase of a computer over $699 is quite a steal considering the Macbook starts at $949 for a $199 (iPod) discount.
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    They need to clear excess iPad2 inventory b/c it looks like the iPad3 is in fact coming out in September.
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    I'm glad that the focus will be on software. There are so many areas of iOS that need polishing - notifications, multitasking, voice, navigation, to become a truly A+ OS for the future.

    I'm also really excited about Lion. Since Snow Leopard was more of a performance/polish thing, I haven't had the fun of discovering a new OS X update since 2007! There's nothing quite like exploring the new features of an OS release. :D:apple:
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    What excess iPad 2 inventory?

    You see them piling up on store shelves? Around the world?

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