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Apple to Begin Selling Unlocked iPhone 5 Models in U.S. as Soon as Later Today

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 29, 2012.

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    9to5Mac reports that Apple is set to begin sales of unlocked iPhone 5 units to U.S. customers as soon as later today. Sales are said to begin in the company's online store, with retail stores currently receiving units ahead of an unspecified in-store launch date.
    While unlocked devices are the norm in many of Apple's markets, Apple typically restricts sales in the U.S. during an initial time period after launch to devices locked to specific carriers. For the iPhone 4S, it took less than one month for Apple to begin selling unlocked models to U.S. customers, but it has already been over two months since Apple began U.S. sales of the iPhone 5.

    Apple is also said to be expanding its Personal Pickup program for the iPhone 5, allowing users to reserve a device at any time for pickup the following day rather than having to wait until 10:00 PM when the stores have closed for the day to place their reservations.

    Article Link: Apple to Begin Selling Unlocked iPhone 5 Models in U.S. as Soon as Later Today
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    Finally. This is a bit later than last year's release of the unlocked 4S.
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    that seems like a lot of money. but if you buy it unlocked and switch to straight talk, you will save a ton of money !!!:D
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    'bout f'n time haha

    gotta cut down my straight talk sim eek
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    apple making *SNAPPY* decisions today
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    What network does straight talk use?
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    AT&T I believe

    Here's what I found (but I could be wrong)...


    But they also said something about Sprint, so IDK
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    I wish it was Verizon. ATT coverage my area sucks. ATT doesn't even have 4G in my area, neither does Sprint for that matter.

    Verizon has 4G in my area and it's wicked fast.
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    most stores have very very limited numbers less than 20 of each.
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    However, I'll stick with subsidized iPhones and contractual obligations.
    Because, dang it, that's expensive.
    Yay for those who can afford it.
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    Straight Talk - no LTE and service is absolute crap. Been there, done that, gone back to AT&T. I pay $20 more but it works.
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    I bought my iPhone 5 unlocked on day 1 at the apple store

    Is this news because they will be doing it online?
    And for all of you that wants to know..... Yes iPhone 5 does work with Straightalk, their service is pretty good, I live in Miami and get most of the time between 4 and 6 mbs downloads and about 1mbs uploads. For $45.00 a month it's awesome!!!!!:apple::)
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    Wow. The carriers take a $450 hit on each iPhone??? No wonder data and service is so expensive (and rising)!
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    Apple to Begin Ripping You Off as Soon As Later Today.
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    how much do you save on straight talk? x24 - $450 = ton?
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    Since it's unlocked does that mean it will run on Page Plus' network?

    Page Plus actually uses Verizon's network, no 4G though. Which I can live with since I use wifi at home and at work.
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    Had mine since day 1 ... They just called it "commitment free"
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    I thought off contract phones unlocked were $50 more?? I bought mine off contract at Best Buy for $699 and just had AT&T unlock it. Also, an Apple rep told me they were selling unlocked ones if someone asked for them since I was talking to him about Best Buy selling me off contract. I use AT&T so I am in an iPhone 5 contract. I just sold the on contract phone for $900 and turned around and paid full price to Best Buy and AT&T unlocked it after I faxed my Best Buy receipt showing full price.
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    thats a ton for a college student!!! :rolleyes:
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    probly not a math major
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    I don't care just give me itunes 11!

    oh wait, people can't complain about that anymore. I wonder what people will whine about next
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    Is there any difference between this one and the Verizon Device Only version?

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