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Apple to cut Titanium notebook Pricetags

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Aug 23, 2001.

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    Mikebach writes:

    Apple plans to drop the price of the 400MHz PowerBook G4 by $400 to $2,199 and slash the price of the 500MHz model by $500 to $2,999, according to a Macintosh reseller familiar with Apple's plans for the high-end notebook.

    Check it out here ..

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    I really hope this is true

    Now I'm really thinking Steve was omitting something with his "no new hardware" statement. If this story is true, NOT upgrading the powerbook just would not make sense. I hope it is, then maybe I could afford one...
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    Should We Buy?

    I am been waiting to get a PowerBook G4 and now seems to be better then ever with the 500 price cuts. I was waiting to the end of September to see if they were going to introduce a better graphic board and faster speeds. What do you guys think. Get one with the Price drop? or wait till Seybold.

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    Was about time, I wouldn't buy the G4 without a internal CD Burner. Just an Apple fanatic would buy such machine at that price. It is nice but the price is way too much. By the time I wanted to buy a G3 Firewire they where already discontinued, I'm glad I got a G3 500 Firewire with 256 Ram, extra batery at $1.400!!!!, that was good.

    Unfurtunatly I can not make the fractals of the iTunes come out thru the video out put.

    Any way, It is good the price are coming down.

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    My bets on this one

    I get a BUNCH of e-mails as an Apple Solutions Expert and I got one that had similar information to the price cut. I also heard earlier from the same e-mail list that there wasn't going to be any new hardware until next year.
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    iam not buying one, screw this ****!

    iam a powerbook 5300 owner and iam not buying a crappy model

    year and a half viveo card, no burner, 400 i remember having a 400mhz 4 years ago ****!

    i'll wait till janury or BUY A SONY VAIO !!!

    screw apple i recomend windows to everyone i know, why cause most people havent even heard of apple, every one uses windows and to most there is only windows, apples are like toys or vcr's but not computers!!!!

    sorry for bulgary but damm it !!!! iam sick of this crap

    a little more and i'll go soo anti apple just for being such idiots, till the day i die i'll bad mouth apple..

    so they have been threatend !!!
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    i hereby open the floodgates...

    Why are you posting on this site douchebag if you are so anti Apple? Say, why don't we do some benchmarking between your computer and mine, and see which one is faster...my mac or your pc. Furthermore, how long has your computer been running without crashing...doubtful more than 2 days. Next time you're editing your registry because of some stupid conflict, I hope you think of how nice it would be to be running a mac. Lastly, if you insist on running a WinTel box o' crap, at least run Linux...be smart man!


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    Lover G4 pricing

    Hey People - as I wrote in another forum, I went to the Academic Apple site and the prices are even cheaper than what has been written in this forum. Go check out the Academic pricing at apple - i just bought a 400 G4 - YEAH!!
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    OOPS - Lower NOT Lover

    Even though I am sure I will LOVE my new puter!!!!
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    Ptrauber, let him be a PC freak if he wants to. However, I at the moment doubt that he even owns a mac and hence has not experienced the mac clout. Also, 400 Mhz 4 years ago? I doubt that. Sony Vaio? A BIG NO NO, see the latest benchmarks of the Titanium 500 MHz vrs the best Vaio,. THe titanium G4 almost outdoes it 3 times in performance. Look at the sick gray and yellow windows finder and compare it to the beautiful Aquarian interface of OS X. About the Laptops, In France, I CAN ASSURE YOU that you will see speed upgrades. THE 400 MHZ MODEL WILL NOT BE MANUFACTURED. THE LOW END WILL BE A 500 MHZ. the high end (maybe 633 mhz) or even 700s. There MIGHT be an update in the graphic chip. NO CD rewritable though. HOWEVER, STEVE WILL OFFER A CDRW drive (firewire) with a purchase of either the low end or high end model.
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    well people its me again....

    i own a man one and my first and last one

    a powerbook 5300cs

    it still runs great with 8.6 on it.

    i am sorry i have been wating for osx since december 96

    now that its out well... the dual's g4 are too overpriced and a 867 just inst fast enought for a comparebe pc IN THE SAME PRICE CATEGORY. i know g4 faster ... blah

    imac its a joke, ibook cant even run OS X,

    Tibook was like a good and well it makes me mad steve does something like this,,

    what's more the tibook cant be processor upgraded which i think iam going for a g3 book and later putting a g4 or g5 whatever down the line...

    people in the real woirld mac's dont matter trust me from a guy trying to push them, most new customers dont want to be push into a 5% market with 5% software...

    it just aint happening, now for computer lovers like me sure the mac is great, and soo are sgi's and sun's.....
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    With all due FREAKIN respect....I CANNOT understand what you are saying. Honestly, please iterate more clearly. ENGLISH.

    If you have been waiting for OS X since Dec 96, you are dumb. Now that its out (and 10.1 around the corner) you dont want it?. And let me get this straight, the Quiksilver cant run OS X? Neither can the iBook?

    One more thing, youre gonna buy a g3 "book" and put a g5 in it? In all Honesty my friend, are you on drugs? I speculate that you tried to install OSX on your PB 5300 right?

    By the ways, with Apples new Educational Pricing Scheme, the market share will rise dramatiacally. If you instill mac attitude in a child from kindergarten till 12th grade, he/she will never go PC. If Apple takes on this strategy, it is a mega investment for its future.

    And for people like you...well i guess, its kinda like...gonna die out.
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    Re: ????

    This is totally the pot calling the kettle black. Kela, half the time I have no clue what you're saying either. You aren't much a fan of the English language yourself it seems.

    As Confucious said, he who lives in glass house should not throw stones.
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    ROFLMAO! top thread!

    " I own a man..." lol!

    hey whatever - but Id love to see you try and get a "processor Upragde for Yuor PC liptap!" i dont think changing a processor in ANY laptop is a trivial thing, and this doesnt just apply to apple....
    (stick a p4 in your laptop and watch it burst into flames! hey, scrap that upgrading lark, just buy a dell. They are quite good at bursting into flames straight out of the box!)

    If theres a 400 dollar price drop for the low end Ti book - that makes it almost teh same price as the top end iBook. I cant believe that would be the case would it? unless of course, that drops too.....
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    Hey you PC freak!

    In my house we have 3 Macs and 1 PC, trust me... the PC can hardly run it's own OS, while my brother have a 2LC and can run Claris and still able to print. I have a G4 400 and a PB G3 Firewire 500.

    Face it, PC works for people that just want to get away with "a computer" under the harms for college or just because they have to.

    A friend of mine bough a PC with a video out put card, now he can not find the drivers because the company has discontinued the model!!! WHILE I STILL ABLE TO FIND GAMES FOR MY ATARI 512ST!!!.

    PC's are like bubblegum, they last for a moment. Show me a satisfy 400Mhz processor PC owner today! PC are always located in the loundry room. If you want to burn a CD, you have to buy the interface and the unit, if you want to hear something you have to buy the internal CDplayer, the audio card and the speakers, hopefully they will run with your mother board and you video card... that is a standar PC scenario.

    You will never are gonna find a Mac enclosure out on the street beside the trash can, not even in my 3rd world piece of **** country where I ****ing live!. Even in the gettos (and we have some) you can see PC's on the trash.

    A Macintosh last 4 times more than a PC and how much software do you want for your computer? Do you actually use all that? I work in multimedia and I own avery piece of audio, publishing, video and interactive software (and PCI card) you can imagine.

    I may need a PC to check if my soft can run, because with PC's you will never know.

    I was making the sound for a web page and my client told me not to boather because most of the computers doesn't have speakers, I said, sorry I forgot your people uses PC's.

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    I don't necessarily think the Dual 800 is overpriced. It's just that there is nothing to compare it to. Name me a major PC manufacturer (i.e. HP, Sony, Compaq, Acer, etc.) that makes a Dual Processor PC. They don't.

    And if you are basing your speed judgement off of the fact that Apple's computers top out at 867Mhz, get a life. You need to use the conversion that Apple's Mhz number should be multiplied by 2 when copmparing them to PCs.
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    Re: ????

    This is true, I've been using macs ever since kindergarten. Since then its been macs all the way, but parents looking for good deals on computers will always see a pc looking in their face. It took some years for my parents to realize that I wouldn't settle for a cheap pc. Macs do cost more and that's hard for a kid in high school but my newest computer is a pismo. I would say out of 1000 or so kids who had a mac experience only 5 use macs currently. Oh yeah a powerbook g4 price drop isn't a bad thing.

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    Re: Re: ????

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    Re: uhhhh....actually....

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    True in some cases, but we must all remember that not everyone has a computer. Also some still don't know how to use their computers. For as advanced as this world is a computer is not necessity for everyone.
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    My experience

    I worked in a Cyber Cafe, we had 8 "state of the art" PC's, Only 2 of them work properly, one of them was only running DOOM with the VR5 Helmet. It took us 3 weeks to make every single computer run at same time all togather (and not for too long). At the end we had to leave them as simple as we could, because we had too many conflicts with the devices and drivers. I'm glad I quit 2 months later, they are broke now.

    Just in case, our technician is working now in Pyramid System, a company encharge of the Virtual Rality development department for Silicon Graphics up ther in Michigan.
    I mean, If you want to resolve problems get a PC and you are gonna have endless hours of entertaiment fixing your computer.
    Down here in Venezuela a have friend that spend his hollydays trying to make his computer work just to record some audio in it while for me is another day at the office with my Digital Performer, Protool 5.1, Cubes and Logic Audio (in case some one says there are not software for Mac).

    To get a PC is like buying a Fiat chasis, put a Chevrolet engine, a Honda transmision, the windows of the Porshe 944, the seats of your Mercedes and expect it to run as a brand new Toyota Corolla (in Venezuela we have better toyota vehicles that you do in US).

    The only company that is doing some work with their enclosures besides Apple is Compac. Unless you want get one of those 'translucent" mouse or generic colored enclosures for PC's to make you think you have a Mac! Because the other option is buying a Silicon Graphic O2, and THAT is an expensive computer and THAT really doesn't have any software. You choose.
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    "apple ok i guess"

    this person must be some dumbass Winblows user who saw the mixed reviews of XP on CNet news, saw the story on Apple's price cuts and found this forum after a search or something.

    go waddle in your humiliating OS, you borg.
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    Re: Re: uhhhh....actually....

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