Apple to host special event at NAB

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Link: Apple to host special event at NAB
    Description:: Apple has announced that it will be holding a special event at this year's NAB conference. In the past, Apple has introduce Final Cut Studio at NAB.

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    New shiny things, woot!
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    Final Cut 6 with Final Touch HD Color Corection integration, real media management and RT 2K 10bit RGB 4:4:4

    Octo Core Mac Pros with Blu-ray support and HDCP GPU

    Revamped displays with lower price points, the new LCD technologies already incorporated by Dell, built-in iSight and HDCP.
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    OMG I have to wait that long for a new mac!
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    I went to this when FCP HD came out a few years agao... I'll be down there for this one... anyone know where the signup page is at
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    Apple To Hold Special Event At NAB


    MacWorld is reporting that Apple has announced a special event at NAB on Sunday, April 15.

    If recent information proves to be reliable, Apple will use the event to introduce Final Cut Pro 6 and a high-end counterpart dubbed Final Cut Extreme. A recent Page 2 rumor also claimed that Mac Pros would be updated to support a high-definition optical format at NAB.

    Previous Apple NAB events have brought the 17" MacBook Pro, Final Cut Studio, and Motion's original release.
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    If it's just to introduce a new FCP, I would say YAWNNNNNNN...BOOOOOORING...I want my 12" MBP!
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    From the recent archive:

    Next Generation Intel Platform (Santa Rosa) Tracking For May
    Page 4 Post #86
    I seem to have my ear to above average ground and many of my "predictions" have been pretty close.
    So here we go . . . . .

    Strong possibilities include:

    MacPro Octo announced at NAB, shipping 7-07
    MPO bundles:
    Adobe CS3
    FC Extreme
    Logic Extreme / Audo apps

    I am keeping an eye on myself :)

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    Rod Rod

    1. Can't you do 10bit 4:4:4 2K in realtime today, with the appropriate I/O and superfast disk arrays? I believe so.

    2. Blu-ray should be optional. Otherwise it's a similar situation to the PS3 where the technology is forced.

    3. Built-in iSights? Please no. Ewwwwwww.

    Here's a real prediction for the next Mac Pros: available Serial Attached SCSI (SAS).

    Final Touch integration into the suite is plausible. But whether Shake is brought into the suite remains to be seen.
    Yawn boring, huh? "Just to introduce a new FCP," eh? FCP and the suite are very important. Maybe it's nothing to you but it's everything for others. Thanks for reminding me of my 15-year-old cousin. :)
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    Apple doesn't exist for the sole purpose of pleasing you and just you my friend.. It's a pro conference, they will not be releasing consumer equipment. And yes, I don't consider such a small MBP to be anything they will advertise running FCP or Aperture on.
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    Shake, in its current incarnation, is dead. Gonna have to wait until next year to get any new version of "Shake". So definitely don't bet on it being rolled into Final Cut Studio.
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    8 Core Mac Pro
    New Displays
    13 inch MacBook Pro
    15 inch MacBook
    Matte screens standard on the MacBook and MacBook Pro (glossy optional)
    Final Cut Studio 6
    Logic 8
    Santa Rosa Platform
    New iMac Design
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    Yeah, in your dreams. I bet half of those won't happen in 2007 at all.
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    For these speculated products to be shown at NAB Leopard must be shown either before or at the same time.

    Looks like we're going to get another "special event" prior to this one.
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    Maccus Aurelius

    I love having the integrated iSight on my macbook, but in the displays? Pfffff get the hell outta here.

    I can see a market for 13" macbook pros, but the likelihood of that happening is rather low I think. I say this, but I know in my heart if it was available I'd buy it.

    As said already Blu-Ray is a bad idea to include as standard. I'd refuse to buy a Mac Pro if it came with Blu-Ray. Sony is the only one dumb enough to install B-R into their computers since they're trying to keep their format alive.
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    Yeah Right! In your dreams.:p
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    I'd really love to see FCS 6.0. I'm happy with 5.1, but there's always room for an updated version :D

    And I doubt 8 core macs. Really, is there a market for it? Not enough methinks. Unless it's a BTO option, and then it'll be so expensive that everyone will complain. :rolleyes:
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    It surely won't be leopard. ;)
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    LOGIC 8

    It needs a good update i will by a MBP if it's released
    ^^^^ guys hold me to that!
    (i secretly want a mbp) shhhh

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    Rod Rod

    I was thinking in terms of round-tripping such as we have today with Motion, LiveType and Soundtrack Pro.
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    Seems an awfully long way away.

    Surely we will see something new mac related before then? this black hole of mac related announcements is really starting to drag, especially where Leopard is concerned.
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    and i know which ones
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    Uh...yeah. 'Cause every BROADCASTER's wishlist is topped by a laptop with a twelve inch screen. Riiiiiiiight.

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    LED-lit MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs and Cinema Displays
    Magnetic latch and easy user replaceable harddrive on the 15" and 17" MacBook Pros
    Final Cut Extreme
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    Santa Rosa will be this year :p.

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