Apple to Introduce a Curved-Glass iPhone 5?

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    Digitimes reports that according to industry sources, Apple is planning to adopt a "curved cover glass" for its next generation iPhone.
    According to those same sources, Apple has purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers.
    It's hard to say what type of design a "curved cover glass" iPhone would adopt. It would also fly against recent claims and beliefs that the iPhone 5 will adopt a generally similar-to the iPhone 4 form factor but with only minor modifications.


    Apple has previously used curved glass in the previous generation iPod Nano. Image above from

    The Samsung Nexus S uses a concave curved screen. The reasoning behind the move was for comfort:


    Article Link: Apple to Introduce a Curved-Glass iPhone 5?
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    Are we to expect a nexus s shape with iphone 4 metal antenna wrapped around, because that would be interesting.
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    Curved? I'm not following.
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    The iPhone 4 already has curved glass. Or are we talking a non-flat surface? My brain just exploded.
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    like the tapered edges of the iPod touch but in glass? :confused:
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    Sounds interesting, mockups anyone?
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    back to old school tube television!!
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    From my understanding this will be like the Nexus S, where the display has a slight concave. Anyone with Nexus S experience? What's it like?

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. Or if I believe it.
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    I'm thinking an iPhone with the same design fundamentals of the iPad 2 (curved body, similar buttons).

    At least it's pleasant to think about:)
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    sounds like it's gonna look nice. mock ups needed.
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    Thats what it sounds like.

    Im guessing it's going to look like the iPad 2 but in glass.
    So it will be flat on the back and it curves at the edges so it won't feel so thick.
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    First its glass, now its curved glass.
    What I am sure of is that it will be a beautiful design and certainly drive all the case manufacturers CRAZY!
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    I'm guessing the back will be curved like a pebble to better fit the contours of your hand. This already sounds above and beyond anything competitors have come close to, design-wise.

    What would be clever is if they had a luminated, frosted 3D Apple logo etched into the glass back with a laser. :cool:
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    Let's see a mockup! :eek: :rolleyes:
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    "...hold on guys....we've more thing....

    ....introducing....the iPhone Curve..."
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    yeah, cuz curved glass will make it break less often. oh and easy to fix. file under: (sarcasm)
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    I am guessing curved like the 4th gen ipod nano. I don't really expect Apple to do something like that, but then again they continue to surprise me with each new product release/upgrade. :apple:
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    google search found this old mockup

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    This confirms it

    In other words, there's a new rumor to support the FACT that no one has a clue what the next iPhone will look like.
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    purchasing machines that curve the glass? then how the hell do they make Magic Mouse glass?
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    Above and Beyond

    Thisis going to be miles ahead of anything else out there. I can picture it perfectly.
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    Curved glass? That's so un-Apple!
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    The Magic Mouse surface is quite clearly plastic, not glass :)
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    That's cool. I wonder if it will be more prone to breaking from a drop.
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    It's plastic.

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