Apple to Launch Official Development Kit for iPhone in January?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Businessweek reports that Apple may indeed be launching an official software development kit at this January's Macworld Expo.

    According to "sources familiar with the company's plans":
    This is the latest iteration of rumors that Apple will or will not be introducing an official software development kit for the iPhone. At present, Apple's official stance is that applications for the iPhone should be written using web-technologies (HTML/Javascript) to be accessible through the iPhone's Safari.

    A number of conflicting reports have expressed beliefs that Apple would further expand these Web tools or invite specific developers to produce true applications on the iPhone.

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    Damn that would rock. I might even learn to create some of my own custom apps. :)
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    Businessweek should be a more credible source. In that they would presumably only publish with more convincing information, than say, a blog.

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    This just means I'll have wait until January before I decide whether or not the iPhone is right for me. If they add 3G and support for third party apps, it will be an easy decision.
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    I'm really holding out for Skype on the Touch if the iPhone SDK can deliver that to the iPod Touch. :cool:
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    Why is it always the iPhone that gets the special attention? What about the iPod Touch? It uses the same software!
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    This seems like a credible source. I think Apple has planned on 3rd party apps all along. They probably wanted to get the phone out there and have it used for some time and attempt their own software updates before allowing other applications to be downloaded on the phone. The whole web development could be just there to help get some developer attention to the iPhone and to make some of the internet experience even better. IDK, just an idea.
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    Where would you Talk/Listen?? ... theres no speakers or mic on the touch..
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    For starters the Touch has only been out for a few weeks and iPhone has been out almost 4 months. Second, more people own iPhones than own the Touch. Third, the iPhod Touch is not what developers would create for. Since they are pretty similar, most people would probably design for iPhone and it could be used with the touch.
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    Bitches don't know about my Dock Connector. :cool:
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    But I though apple was being an evul monopoly by not allowing third party apps?

    Oh wait.

    You mean the SDK is not ready as I and many others suggested?

    That makes more sense then conspiracy theories that have been posted ad nasium here.
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    It sure would be nice.

    Apple did a great job with the interface, but to make the iPhone really useful to me, 3rd parties who have specific expertise in various type of applications need to be involved.

    I want a file manager, a document editor (.doc/.xls), an IM client, investment portfolio tracking, password store (like eWallet), and some games like FreeCell and Sudoku.
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    I can't imagine they would have apps be iPhone only. Allowing one app, to be bought and downloaded for both the iPhone and the Touch would double the potential customers/sales for any software developer and Apple. In the current climate...I can't see Apple throwing just throwing away those potential profits.
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    Pretty much.

    As long as the app does not need bluetooth, a speaker or voice, I would say you will be proven correct.
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    That would be a good move but the reason for an announcement in January sounds a little strange. They already use the SDK (which is most probably Xcode plus a new cross-compiler and some new frameworks) internally and could immediately find a lot of external beta-testers. Or could it be reaction to a recent open source project that simply uses Xcode to write applications for other linux handhelds like the OpenMoko phone?

    What I wonder since WWDC is why they did not simply provide a small (and restricted) Web Server on the iPhone that can serve html, php, css, jpg an XML database plus some other file formats. Then, users could simply copy/install Web 2/AJAX applications and run them in Safari from the local server.
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    It's probably going be like dashcode for the iPhone. SDK, but still HTML/Javascript.
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    For me, someone who will not be purchasing an iphone, it is crucial to not have internet only apps. If I am outside of a wifi network with my touch basically all my internet apps will be unavailable, which will suck. I need native applications. Iphone doesn't have as big of a problem because of the always on cell service...of course native it's important to those users to. :)
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    Or a retail employee :D
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    now, the reliability of the source is always in doubt, but I expect this HAS to be on the way.

    The iPhone is a killer product that is doing decently well, but there are still large portions of the market holding out for third party development (not some web-based nonsense). Apple knows this, and imho diverted resources back away from iPhone SDK to 10.5, now that 10.5 has an official launch date, I expect to see those developers moving back to iPhone to get a devkit up and running. I would suspect that it will come through in a very similar system to widget development.

    Personally, I haven't used any third party apps because of the risks and hassel involved, but if Apple gave me an easy to use option I would jump all over it and try out many of the very good programs out there.
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    Just a rumor, there is no confirmation!!!!!!!!!!

    Next people are going to bellyache that their outfit was not selected to the "ELITE" set of people with access to create applcations and install them.

    Ok... 1. 2, 3, GO!
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    Um well I heard a rumor they might have some sort of conference that month which could draw some media attention.
    You have to understand there is a HUGE difference between an SDK for internal use and one for public use, right? Just one of a million examples of why a public one is so much more work: documentation.
    Why would they base the entire future strategy of their "third leg" business on some science project that will be used by like 5 people total ever?
    Obviously this is something they have worked on. It's a simple idea, but the implementation on the iPhone actually invovles alot. Maybe its not ready yet? Or maybe in the end there was some fundamental reason they decided against it.
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    Wirelessly posted (Treo: Opera/8.01 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/3.1.8295/1716; en; U; ssr))

    What I have quitely felt all along is that the iphone dev team combined with adventurous users like myself and many other that have jailbroken their iphone/ipod ARE the beta testers.

    You don't think Apple is tracking the dev teams every move to see how they circumvent the system and install 3rd party apps? With all the native apps being written avalaible through apptapp, Apple has their guniea pigs, and if something goes wrong, they can legally be hands off.

    But with the overwhelming amount of people hacking, and the high success rates, why should they not open it? People want it, and it works. So far, the worst that has had to happen to most people is a restore. Big deal. The hack is stable, and if its apple supported, it will be just that much more stable
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    And exactly why would they provide this for the next 9+ million non-developer iPPhone users?

    The average iPhone user has no need to run a web server on their iPhone. One more way to get your iPhone hacked by anyone in a wireless setting.

    As a developer myself, I see no need for a webserver on the iPhone, I have one in my laptop and desktop, and the iPhone is supposed to use iTunes for loading software.

    Do you really think that Apple is going to implement WebDAV and FTP and other servers for everyone to intall tools that can be easily hacked and are not natural for a phone to have?
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    Oh please let this be the case.

    My love for the iPhone, and indeed Apple, will be restored. This whole "locked down" thing has been gnawing at me for weeks now. I'm annoyed having to wait a minute or so for one of my "apps" to load (or even walk outside!). I'm annoyed having the Stocks and Weather app on the home screen, as I never use them. My annoyance is my knowledge that I'm holding OSX in my hand, which I know can be so much more, if it were only opened to the cumulative brilliance of the OSX developer community.

    I'm not exactly sure what this sentence means, since it's written in 8th Grade speak, but I assume it means you have a dock connector. So, why not use Skype on the computer then, if you're going to be docked?
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    Yea, who cares about the iPhone, start bringing a new MacPro... NOW!

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