Apple to Launch Ringtone Service?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by sblasl, Aug 31, 2007.

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    Actually, I still wonder. What took them so long to roll it out?
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    And what about coverting CDs we own into ringtones? I just dump MP3s onto my phone and it works fine. Is this against the law?
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    Wouldn't that be a trip. Though I've gotta say, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the music industry made it illegal for some obscure reason. Good 'ole corporate activity.:)
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    Apple to Launch Ringtone Service?


    NYPost reports that Apple will be launching a ringtone service for iPhone users next week.
    The service is said to allow users to convert songs they have previously purchased to be turned into a ringtone, with user-controlled ability to choose which portion of the song to use. Beyond that, Apple is said to plan on offering traditional ringtones as well.

    Much of this reiterates a rumor earlier this week also suggesting that Apple will introduce ringtone support during the September 5th media event.

    The rumors are also consistent with a previous report about Apple's plans to sell custom ringtones.

    In the meanwhile, 3rd party developers have stepped up to fill this custom ringtone demand. Ambrosia Software has released their ringtone tool (iToner) for the Mac. Of interest, Ambrosia's iToner is said to install ringtones "the proper way, without any hacks" which should be resilient to future iPhone updates. Windows users have had the option of using iPhoneRingToneMaker.

    While both tools are shareware, they do not have a per-ringtone fee that is expected with Apple's service.

    Article Link
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    i realize that there are mitigating reasons for this, such as the labels not wanting to be without the ringtone revenue.

    but i think this is pretty lame. i have an old sony er. flip phone and i can make any mp3 a ringtone. "best phone in the world." hmmmm

    that being said, i hardly ever have my phone on anything but silent/vibrate.

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    That's absolutely absurd. Charging to edit a song (that you've already purchased, mind you) down to 30 seconds, and stick it in a folder.

    No, Apple. This is where consumers draw the line for customer rights.
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    The fact that you are going to have to pay to do such a simple thing as set your own ring tone is utterly absurd.*

    *Unless you hack it or use 3rd party software. Still, the fact you have to do this is madness.
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    Please keep in mind that this is part of Apple's licensing agreement with the labels, as you can see if you read the iTunes Music Store Terms of Service. There has been a clause for years stating that the songs are not licensed for use as a ringtone. This doesn't have anything to do with Apple's revenue.
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    If Apple thinks they are going to charge me to use MY music that I have ripped from MY 20 dollar cd's they are nuts!! I will start using all of the different hacks before I pay!!!:mad:
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    Agreed with the above posters-- this is pathetic, nickel-and-dime behavior. I don't care if it's because of Apple or the labels, this is a feature that should have been available from day one at no extra cost whatsoever.
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    right. its about the multi billion dollar per year ringtone revenue that the record labels have gotten quite used to.
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    Hopefully the iPhone will be heavily hacked in the coming weeks allowing users to use song files as ringtones.
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    When I had my 8525, I would simply go into iTunes, created a 30 second clip from an existing song that I had purchased from iTunes, and put it on the 8525. It worked fine. If Apple would release Finder for the iPhone or some sort of file application tool, we could probably create our own ring tones.
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    You already can, there is even a link in the OP to some new software (shareware) to help you. The point is this is a very, very basic thing. You should have been able to do it simply and for free from day one.
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    Let's wait to see Apple's official announcement on this one. Even with a small fee, the price still beats most other ringtone services out there, plus you also have the full song.

    I personally think song ringtones are obnoxious and for little girls.
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    Okay, I'm one of those fanatic apple fanboys that will standby apple throughout most anything. People argue with me about the iphone and why doesn't it have this, why doesn't it have that, it doesn't do this well enough, etc, etc... and I usually stick up for apple's decisions regardless...

    but this... as petty as it may be... irritates the hell out of me. why are we paying for a ringtone when we've already bought the entire song in the first place?

    I'm hoping that I'm just misunderstanding the post, and maybe apple will make it so that we can create a ringtone out of a song we've already downloaded for free... but if we don't have the song, we have the pay to create a ringtone out of it. If not, there's no way I'm paying a dollar for a ringtone I'll probably get tired of after a week or so...
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    Of course, this is provided that Apple does indeed charge for each ringtone. Don't get mad at Apple until the 5th, people ;)

    I don't care, because I only use vibrate anyway, I hate custom ringtones.
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    And here's my RAZR with bundled software to make any AIFF/MP3/AAC/M4A into a ringtone (aka, compatible MP3 sat on the internal drive) complete with trimming and selecting which part of a song you want.

    Apple, don't break the iPhone :eek:
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    it may be better than what's out there but it is still not cool.

    and i not a fan of music ringtones.

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    It's been nice not hearing Brittney Spears ringtones coming out of an iPhone.....
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    I want a ringtone of my friend Claire screaming BOSTON BAKED BEANS!!

    Tell me, where can I find this on CD or on the iTunes Music Store? :rolleyes:

    I'll stick with my custom ringtones I've had for two months now. ;)
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    ringtones for my ipod sounds... meh.

    Because I would really like ringtones for my iPod...
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    my 99$ cell phone plays mp3s ringtones

    My 99$ cheap nokia candy bar cell phone can play any mp3 i upload to it, and make it a ring-tone for free. I think the iphone has a long way to go as cool as it might be. No flash (flickr slide shows), No video capture, & you cant plug a normal pair of head phones with out a adapter.

    Lets wait till iphone #2 comes out, and let the early adapters weed out all these problems on there dollar! Its really silly to have to pay for a ring tone, while you can be creative and make your own! Ring tones are about showing off right! If that is true then make your own and dont pay for any ever again.

    "why do people stand in long lines for 48 hours waiting for the new iphone to come out, but they wont stand outside protesting this awful war we are in. As a country our priorities are not in straight"
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    Well it is good to see that either way there is going to be a way to have ringtones and not have to worry about losing them in updates. I personally plan on hearing what Apple has to say and depending on price, I will likely try the Ambrosia software. It sounds like the Apple one is going to only allow you to use song you bought from iTunes, but about 80% of my music is imported off of cd's.

    I do see a lot of people complaining about having to buy a ringtone. To these people I say that if you don't wanna pay then use the hacking method and don't complain if you lose your tones after a software update. As time goes on, I am sure more and more methods of getting ringtones for free will come out, but until then spending a couple bucks isn't that big of a deal... I mean you did fork over at least $500 for the phone alone.

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