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Apple to make ppc version of mountainlion!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tom vilsack, Apr 1, 2012.

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    tom vilsack

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    Lol! Just what I have suspected. Funny I clicked the links first before I have scrolled down...
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    Is there a version for 68k Macs!?
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    I'm wondering how long it'll take before a motivated group of PPC programmers starts hacking 10.5 and make it better than what it currently is.
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    I think you'd need the 10.5 source code to do that, and I don't think :apple: would give that to the PPC community.

    A motivated group of programmers could write new drivers and libraries, but that would only get you so far.

    Plus I'd say 10.5 is pretty good just the way it is.
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    10.5 is great for PPC. :) love it. It aint gonna get any better than that >;)
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    ..is so much better on my ibook G4 1 ghz. So much. Spinning beachballs galore with 10.5, video was basically unwatchable. I haven't really found anything I can't do or can't find a sensible workaround for as compared to 10.5. I think if you've got a really fast (dual) G4 or G5 then Leopard is the logical choice. 1 ghz and slower, and a crappy video card like my ibook, then stick with Tiger. Thanks to Cameron Kaiser I have a completely up to date browser in tenfourfox. Long may he live. Flash is ridiculous of course but:

    I can watch youtube (embedded) in safari in pretty damn decent quality (360p) in quicktime using viewtube/greasekit. I've got mactubes and youview for unembedded viewing and downloading. Add Coreplayer into that mix and there is very little I can't do, at any resolution below 1080p. And this from a computer made nine years ago!

    Speaking of Youview the developer is no longer updating it (though he does issue fixes when youtube breaks its streaming), and instead is working on a system wide video replacer based on mplayer and quicktime he calls motionline. He's been working on it awhile, I tried to lure him out and see if he'd support PPC and Tiger (which Youview does) but he was cagey. He said its coming along but no sure release date yet. I think he'd be crazy not to build a universal binary, lots more sales from us PPC diehards that way...

    Tiger is the XP of PPC mac world, it just keeps going and going and going.....
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    I bit :(
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    I completely agree, but on PowerPC, Linux is actually a viable option. One distro, MintPPC, has a lot of updates, and it's able to use many of the features you can find in modern computers. I was forced to switch to Linux after hating the lack of a command-line in OS 9. It installed pretty well, and it still worked. I ran it with 192 MB of RAM and a 300 MHz processor on an iBook clamshell, and I was amazed(And slightly thinking that my computer was possessed or something) at the quality it ran. It has support for YouTube, and the videos I used were pretty choppy, but I would expect them to be fine in any G4/G5. The only thing that could be a downside is the lack of iTunes, unless you depend on CD's. In that case, using the music players built in on the iPods can work, definitely.
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    Did anyone per chance save those articles in the OP? I missed April Fools on the internet (made me so sad, so much good stuff. :() this and would love to give those a read, but the links no longer work.
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    They weren't real links, the OP just typed fake addresses into his post.

    For example - http://www.apple.com/os11puppydog :p
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    Ah, I see. I thought they were actual April Fools articles those sites had made up.
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    i knew i should'nt have opened this thread :(

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