Apple to Reach 5 Million iPhones Sold by Macworld?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 21, 2007.

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    9to5mac claims that Apple will reach approximately 5 million in iPhone sales by Macworld San Francisco in January 2008 which would bring them half way to their goal of 10 million iPhones sold by the end of 2008.

    According to 9to5mac's sources, approximately 1 million of these sales are through Europe, despite reports of sluggish sales. The news comes shortly after reports that iPhone's sales have exceeded Windows mobile marketshare by capturing approximately 27% of the smartphone market this past quarter.

    These rumored sales numbers are difficult to verify, but would represent a significant acceleration of sales since their one millionth sale, which took place in September. Apple's iPhone sales, however, may have been spurred by the $200 price drop that also took place in September. If these numbers are true, Steve Jobs will likely announce them during the Macworld Expo Keynote on January 15th.

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    That's a lot
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    Sounds like they're on target.
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    That's great news. I love seeing specs like this. Knowing that Microsoft is pissing themselves over it.
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    1,000,000 in the E.U.?! God I didnt think we'd take so kindly to the cost of an iPhone, us with our cheap mobiles!
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    that's a very big number. but considering how many of them i see and the demographic of those i see them with, it's certainly possible.
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    More than on target, they wanter 10m by the end of 2008...
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    they may easily reach 20 million by the end of 2008, especially if they introduce iphone 2. then they'll have 2% of the cellphone market. If iPhone catches on for businesses too, their sales will skyrocket.
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    If the 5 million number is true, that's great news.

    Like any business that puts forth a new product for the masses, Apple always takes a chance of whether their new product will be a hit or a miss.

    Apple always seems to pick a conservative number as their goal so that when they hit it with a few months to spare, look out stock price!

    Which, as a small shareholder, is okay by me!!!:D
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    Doesn't look like the AppleTV has hit targets...
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    Yep, I reckon he will. At every MacWorld, there's always a big speech about how cool the iPod is, that seems to last forever. I'm sure the iPodiness will be replaced by lots of hooting about the iPhone. No one pays attention.

    Everyone starts to listen when he says, "Today, we have some exciting things to show you...."
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    5m by January? I can't quite see it. I'd love it to be true though.
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    True but keep in mind sales will slow as the iPhone gets near the end of it's worldwide rollout.
    Now if we count the second Gen. iPhone in the 10M target I can see Apple being ahead of it's target because a lot of people will buy the rev.b iPhone in 2008.
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    Or hopefully "and to go with the 5m sold, we're giving you developers a treat: the SDK a month early" :)
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    Let's state the obvious:

    - iPhone is cool and excellent to use.

    -  TV... is eh... what? iPod that needs a TV...?

    I bought one.... (ahum) just because I wanted to know what it felt like. :D
    Gave it to my Dad, and my Mac mini Core Duo is happily hooked up to my TV again. ;)
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    Hope that number is right, but at this time, most likely NO ONE outside of a small group within Apple would know whether those numbers are right!
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    Doesn't add up. From all the early figures; 1M in Sept, disappointing sales in the UK; general lack of seeing the iPhone everywhere.

    Sure, it's won our hearts, but unlikely to win our heads:- Edge not 3G, massively overpriced contracts, missing features, version 1 product, etc.

    Of course I could be wrong. But so could 9to5Mac.
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    Cue European price drop to hit targets (ie. I think on current sales those numbers are optimistic).

    UK price will drop to £200 (for the 8G) in January. Hopefully I'll get a £50 shop voucher for my loyalty in picking up an early phone ;)

    I even think a further price cut will come to the US too.
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    Sigh... first everyone starts buying iPods, now iPhones! :p How're we supposed to feel special??? :p
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    I'd buy an iPhone if...

    I'd buy an iPhone if it didn't cost me so much more to use. I'd have to pay $30/month more for a new plan with an equivalent amount of minutes compared to the awesome shared plan I have now (with no contract), plus I would need pay $20/mo for the data package. So it would cost me $600 more annually just to use an iPhone, not to mention the cost of the iPhone itself.

    Bah, I'm just gonna stick with my Moto SLVR L7 w/iTunes which is smaller and lighter anyway.
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    If true, that would be a great success, but I doubt they sold five million. Yes, holiday shopping season may have spurred large sales recently, but still 5 mil is a lot. 3 or 4, maybe but 5???
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    i hope the numbers are right
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    Ahem... You forget the surprising accuracy of 9to5mac... They have clearly an insider on their payroll...
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    I cannot believe that people aren't doubtful. Those numbers seem EXTREMELY optimistic!
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    9to5mac has yet to be wrong. I wish I could get an iPhone but I'm a little deprived on cash right now...

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