Apple To Slug Partners 10% Of All Revenue

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Steve calls the record industry execs greedy, and then turns around and does stuff like this? You're kidding right? Who's greedy now? :mad:
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    Looks like creating targets within the product divisions at Apple brought this on. Personally this is a very silly move by Apple and agree with previous poster...who's being greedy now Steve?

    Incidentally when the licensing "Made for iPod?" scheme came out, there were people & manufacturers saying this might happen, looks like they weren't wrong.
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    An attempted stunt like this is how USB 2.0 came about as a (rather successful) FireWire killer. Apple wanted to collect $1 per port, even though various would-be payers (including Intel) had contributed to the 1394 standard. An agreement was worked out among the companies to split a smaller per-unit fee (25c), but the damage was already done.
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    If that's the way Apple is going to be from now on (ie: greedy ***holes), I don't think I'll be buying that Nano anymore.

    Despite what people here try to make you believe, some of the iPod alternatives out there are quite good. The only reason I chose the iPod was because it was the best at the time and there were no decent alternatives (iRiver flash players with 256MB of memory? C'mon!), but that's not the case anymore. I have used 2 alternatives recently, and they were both surprisingly good (although a bit heavier :eek: ). Also, iPods worked perfectly with iTunes, so there would be no hassle.

    Anyway, the iPod I'm using right now might be my last iPod, apparently.
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    I have trouble believing this. I'll wait until I see something official, either from Apple or an accessory maker.
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    Greedy bastards.. :mad:
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    Apple has done this too many times for them to be doing it again. I'm hoping this is not real but some sort of scare tactic against them.
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    if this is true, why do i see this as the end of apple's reign as an audio player king?
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    I dont have too much of a problem with a small tax like 1-2% on iPod peripherals but 10% is rediculous! I would have thought it better to foster and encourage 3rd party add ons which will in turn help a growing market AND help encourage addtional sales of Apple hardware to first time customers. Bad stupid greedy move if it is true Apple :mad:
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    If Apple needs money (ha!), I think they should instead collect a 10% tax from Steve Jobs for his private jet.

    Apparently it cost Apple $43 million to purchase and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for travel expenses.

    Charging companies 10% for making a product compatible with yours is not justifiable unless pure greed is a justification.
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    This article is poorly written and badly spelled so I'm not sure how much faith I put in the accuracy of its report; 1-2% is the normal in what? Examples please?

    10% of revenue seems high although there's no mention here whether that's capped at a certain level, whether it only kicks in after a certain number of sales or whether it's a licensing fee based on projected sales within certain bands.

    I can't see why Apple shouldn't be allowed to charge something for 'official' iPod accessories since it may potentially limit them. They're signed up to the dock connector now even when it doesn't always suit (see the nano). I wonder how those manufacturers would feel had Apple totally changed the connector on the nano and future iPods - I'd bet it would cost a lot more than a few %.
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    Yes, same here. If you read some of the other Apple-related articles on that site (links at bottom of page), they are all negative. I think this is someone who got their wires crossed and is spewing their mis-information onto the 'net.

    Unlike the music industry (where the music and money should actually belong to the artists, not the executives), the iPod does belong to Apple. If there's any ounce of truth to this, that may be their position.... helping to weed out cheap accessories makers.
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    It might be a badly written article, but that doesnt stop it from being picked up by the usual Mac news sites
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    Good points. I guess we can see if this is confirmed in other sources.

    I don't think anyone said that Apple shouldn't be allowed to charge anything, I think it was the 10% that caught everyone's attention. I don't see what details could justify such a high fee. It doesn't seem logical that this would be an industry norm. iMeowbot also mentioned that Apple already has a history of trying to charge what were considered high port fees. So I guess we'll see.

    EDIT: Well winmacguy's link seems to confirm that Apple at least was reportedly considering doing this, since it has links to a previous article by MacWorld which has Cnet as a source. (Not that Cnet is reputed to be particularly unbiased when it comes to Apple, but it certainly lends more credence to this story.)
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    I don't understand why people are so quick to doubt news articles like this.

    I don't need an official statement from Apple for this. While it sounds incredibly stupid, and incredibly greedy for Apple to do this, it is still "believable." This is Apple we're talking about.
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    crap freakboy

    You took the words right out of my mouth.
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    After some of Steve's comments about the music industry being "greedy" with regards to charging more for song downloads I think chargeing a 10% tax for iPod peripherals is HIPOCRYTICAL Apple
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    Well I don't want to point fingers but perhaps we would like to SPEIL words correctly before accusing people of being a certain way(especially those words that we have tried to emphasize) :p ;) :D

    Anyways, my reaction to all this?

    Money-whores! Sick greedy bastards! Capitalistic pigs! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Fu** you, Steve.

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    Salesmen Steve

    Steve is just an incredibly talented salesman. I am a big mac addict, and love steve's charisma, but things like this just make me realise that he's just a charismatic salesman - he's no philanthropist.
    He wants us all to believe that the record labes are greedy (which we do) so that we put pressure on them not to hike song prices. But he is more than willing to do some deals to try and get the most bang for the buck himself.
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    Agreed, Apple have made this move before and the whole "Made for the iPod" thing mooted such a point was possible-- that Apple could levy a higher tax at some point-- and here we are talking about it.

    The issue for me whether it's close to the truth or not, these scaremongering stories are yet more negative reporting, and I'm getting a little tired of these 'goofs' appearing, especially when they now have a strong product and great marketshare. I'd like to know who keeps hitting the self destruct button.
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    Damn this is unApple like, but from a greedy business standpoint, it's a good move. Wait until u corner the market, make everyone love you, your product, and your company, then BAM! start tax'in mofo 10%. Just in time for the holiday season. *golf claps for Mr. Jobs*
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    Well, could it be that Apple has not only redesigned the dock connector, but added functionality (video streaming, universal remote... or so) and will offer a kind of a license program under which companies can actually gain access to additional revenues while reducing own development cost? This would make 10% more reasonable. I really cannot see a company making trivial art deco shuffle docks or other low value gimmicks to pay that?!

    Anyhow, will call my BMW dealer tomorrow and tell him I will pay 10% less for my new car and deliver the difference to an Apple Center (it has an iPod dock - that makes it a peripheral, or). :confused:

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    There has been talk of "iPod taxes" for accesory manufacturers forever.


    I'll believe it when I see proof.
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    Smells like a hoax to me.

    I'm going to reserve judgment until I hear more information, like an actual manufacturer revealing a document from Apple demanding such a "tax." I suggest the rest of you also hold your tongues until we find out if this is really true or not.

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