Apple to Unveil New Flash-based iPods? Digital Radio?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 3, 2007.

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    More last minute rumors...

    Digitimes relays more rumors about Apple's expected announcements on Wednesday September 5th.

    According to "sources at Tawiwan-based contract manufacturers", Digitimes expects Apple to release an iPod video with touch-control interface.
    Many had assumed the high-end iPod would continue to use a hard drive, but this report indicates Apple may move to entirely to Flash based storage.

    Vnunet cites a "reliable industry insider" and claims that Apple's new iPods will be able to receive digital radio and include a "buy-now" function that will allow the user to download and buy tracks as they are being played.

    Vnunet's accuracy is unknown, but there have been whispers of wireless/radio integration into the new iPods, but the exact implementation has been unknown.

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    i'll be first in line
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    I still don't buy the flash-only thing. It leaves those who like the high-capacity ipods without an option. I think more likely is a hybrid structure, with some models moving to flash, and some remaining HDD based... but this is just speculation.
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    I have been eagerly awaiting a update to the video iPod line. Lets hope the rumors are true!
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    All of those hard-working engineers and factory personnel in China must be heartbroken to have lost this contract to Tawiwan. :(
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    That'd be neat and definitely define the line of iPods a bit more (iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch; just think about the differences) but my question is, can they really get the amount of storage inside the iPod using Flash vs. a HD? Because if flash memory means less memory, then I would take the HD any day.
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    1.8" SSDs are at 64GB, so it could be possible that Apple would drop HDDs, however the price per GB is probably really high (though I can't seem to find a list price).

    Well HQ is in Taiwan, so maybe that is what they mean.
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    keep the £179 price point iPod and I'll be buying :)!
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    Flash + Wi-fi + Digital Radio = teh ultimate hotness.

    Enter new iPod revolution.
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    Thast my biggest worry, if were loosing 20-50 of hd space for a 16 or 8 gb ipod, im taking the 5g one.
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    Hey... sounds good to me. Especially the radio thing. I just wanna know if the whole Flash thing is really true. I don't know about that.:apple:
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    That would be good! Need to spread the wealth and competition! We have enough products already coming form China!

    I just hope there's no lead in these--))) :D
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    I would rather see Apple announce kiosk's then a radio function on an iPod.

    Just think how cool that would be, you are at the airport about to catch a flight, you see an iTunes kiosk and go over and dock your iPhone or iPod and then download a movie or two for the flight.

    Genius... I hope this becomes reality.

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    Amen Brother! :D :apple:
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    Digital Radio? I guess it couldn't hurt but HD Radio is aweful, at least the stations I've heard have digital artifacts all over. It sounds like a low bit rate mp3. I'd rather listen to regular radio.
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    But why would ya need a kiosk? Most Airports I been too lately offer a free WiFi connection. :confused:
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    Here did you here that? That's an amazing idea!
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    I bet those manufactures in 'Tawiwan' sure are reliable;)
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    You know... I thought about that, and it seems like a REALLY good idea. Or what about a mall or music store... you hear a new song, really like it, go over to the kiosk, hook it up, or even use WiFi securely, and, as Steve would say, BOOM!. Not a bad idea. I may have to run a mockup through Photoshop and see what I come out with. :apple:
    Edit: I just found this. SWEET! [​IMG]
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    I'm with you there.

    My bet is that the Video iPod will be HD based.
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    I am afraid that the only wifi we will see in this iPod will be to access iTunes, so you can spend even more money. No safari... no email.... wifi is for Apple to make sales of music, not for the user. Apple will piss a lot of people off if they only allow wifi for itunes.

    Anyone really need another way to buy music? At some point, don't we just want to spend money and listen to our music... not spend money so we can be sold more music via wifi?
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    Digital Radio won't happen. Too many formats over the world - USA's different satelite radio types, UK et al DAB... to many different chips/tuners would be needed - which I'm guessing wouldn't be cost effective.
    Don't get me wrong, I'd love a DAB tuner in an iPod, but for Apple it just doesn't make financial sense.

    Internet radio through wifi would make more sense - but I'd imagine the wifi to be specific to iTunes Store or maybe wireless syncing... I'd love to have true 'net access but for a music centric device, its just not necessary.

    A move to flash would be great, but at the loss of so much storage? No thanks. If true it just seems to be a lazy retrofit (or dumbing down) of the iPhone spec....
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    If flash based storage < 64gb of space, I'm a sad panda.
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    Hey arn- I posted this an hour ago re: digital radio.. how about throwing a little love here.
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    True, but you have to have your laptop out and pay for the Wi-Fi ( in most airports) and you would have to have all your docking cables out.

    What a cluster...

    I would like to just walk by a iTunes kiosk and dock my iPhone real quick and then be on my way.

    The movie or song would also be sent to your home computer or where ever your iTunes account is set up so you won't loose that purchase in case your iPhone or iPod breaks or gets stolen.

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