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Apple Tops J.D. Power Smartphone Satisfaction Rankings By Significant Margin

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 21, 2013.

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    Apple has topped the J.D. Power 2013 Wireless Smartphone Satisfaction Study, landing above competitors like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. In fact, Apple is so well regarded that it is the only smartphone maker with a ranking above average.

    The study measured satisfaction among 9,767 customers who had used their current smartphone for less than one year, and looks at performance, physical design, features and ease of operation. The firm said Apple "performs particularly well in physical design and ease of operation."

    Apple also led the rankings in 2009, 2010, and 2011, and it is the ninth consecutive time that Apple has led the biannual ranking. Apple links the survey prominently on its 'Why iPhone' page.

    Article Link: Apple Tops J.D. Power Smartphone Satisfaction Rankings By Significant Margin
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    Not everybody buys one, but those who do have an iPhone seem to like it.

    Of course, that excludes most of the posters on MR's iPhone Forum!:p

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    I am a big fan of my iPhone 4S. Having said that... I was a bigger fan when it ran iOS5 and didn't glitch or die at 7% battery.
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    Very satisfied with all the ones I have owned:
    3GS, 4, 4s and 5
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    Thats your battery calling it quits. Time to replace. Same thing happened to me.
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    Strange that despite all the "lack of innovation" (and lack of a 27 inch screen) people are still the most happy with iPhones!
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    Prepaid plan?

    EDIT: I myself have owned 3G, 4, and now 5. 2 year contracts
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    Duh. Nobody else could offer such an experience. :apple:
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    See this is the stuff that matters. Screw those gimmicks that you never use, when you are satisfied with something you are happier.
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    AT&T contracts

    I currently have 7 devices on my plan

    Stepdaughter - iPhone 4
    Wife - iPhone 4s
    Me - iPhone 5
    Stepdaughter - iPad 1
    Wife - iPad Mini
    Me - iPad 3
    Me - iPad Mini
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    love my iPhone... even though (IMO) the OS needs an update, but again I'm still happy with my phone.
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    There's always one kid in the class that blows the curve for all the rest! ;)
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    1. Good for Apple

    2. I still think it should become a crime to make graphs with scales that don't start at zero
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    This study was obviously done before the S4 unveiling :D
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    "People are only satisfied because of that little apple logo on the back"

    -that guy

    Don't be that guy
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    Significant margins ?

    That's 6.9% difference on average

    I'd hardly call that significant.
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    If all your real competitor's are around 79% satisfaction, with no competitor truly better than the others, it's definitely significant to be at 85% satisfaction.

    This is a "There's Apple - and then there's the rest" graph.
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    Apple iPhone is the golden standard for all smartphones
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    Thus the reason for the iphone 5s. The average user does not care. And the Apple fan will buy regardless. Apple essentially created a cult of followers.
    I would not be surprised if iOS remains basically the same because of this recognition. Why change something if people don't complain?
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    "Essentially" doesn't mean "Here is an irrational reason based on a stereotype, so that I don't have to change my POV to fit reality."

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    It's actually much higher than a 6.9% difference because the lowest score is not 0% and the highest score is not 100%. This is actually a pretty big gap.

    Now, I think you can argue that part of the is merely due to ingrained psychology. If you bought a luxury product that was touted as the best and you paid more for it too, you're much less likely to be willing to be critical about it. On the other hand, Apple has earned that halo for the time being.
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    Because having an iPhone these days get you laid much faster. Who wouldn't be satisfied?
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    Really... the S4 doesn't have many improvements over the SGIII.

    More like an SGIII(s) (using apples naming convention.)
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    Apple is doomed.

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    ...and Android is winning!


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