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Apple trying to rip out our core: Macpro boss

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Link: Apple trying to rip out our core: Macpro boss
    Description:: A Melbourne computer company says Apple is "trying to burn us out" with legal fees in the latest David and Goliath battle over the iPod maker's trademarks.

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    bunch of whiners

    the comment thread following the article is even worse than the article itself. it's as though apple is the first company to try to protect its brand image.
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    Apple is suing Martin Short?

    How odiousness.
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    HA! how could I miss the resemblance?
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    Tough one here, but the Macpro company is in the right.

    They were using the brand Macpro before Apple even released the 128k Macintosh.

    Apple should back down and offer to buy the brand from Macpro rather than sue.
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    This seems wrong to me. The guy was using the name many years before Apple. To me it sounds like he has a better case for suing than they do. I hope they lose this one.
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    SHAME ON YOU, APPLE! :mad:


    McRae & Paprota =MACPRO
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    The one about the guy with the fresh produce "W" logo gets me... Appl eis being retarded.

    All I have to say is, when Steve dies, God is going to sue him for trying to patent the apple... It's not looking very good for him.
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    He never registered the Macpro trademark? Pretty serious oversight wouldn't you say?
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    Stopped reading.
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    It's not like Apple saw the "Macpro" brand and thought, "that's a good name for one of our products".

    It is McRae's fault for not registering "Macpro" as a trademark. Now, all we've heard is his side of the story. He's tried to settle and wants to settle out of court, but Apple refuses his offers.

    I'd like to know what his offers were or even what Apple's were before I can make a judgement on who's being a fool..

    As for the iPod trademark stuff - it's fairly obvious..

    And the Woolworth's logo - come on, if Woolworth's started selling computers - it really is taking the piss considering how close their logo is to Apple's.
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    As far as the MacPro guys, they should have registered the TradeMark.

    As far as the Woolworth logo, Jobs and Co., needs to stop being jagoffs.
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    He could have retired peacefully, but he decided to give the Apple a poke..."haha we have the same name cool eh bud?"

    Now the Apple will grab him on the neck and choke the last bone out of him
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    Demosthenes X

    So, whoever is bigger is automatically in the right?

    What a load of garbage. This Macpro unit was using the Macpro name long before Apple, they have a legitimate claim on it. Apple is 100% in the wrong here.

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