Apple TV 1st Gen vs Mac Mini setup

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by monty77, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I know there's a price difference there (and quite a significant one) but I'm totally torn between 2 solutions.

    I currently have:

    Living Room
    Asus Revo 3610 running XBMC

    Apple TV Gen 1 40Gb

    Back room
    iTunes airport express streaming to speakers (using remote app to control)

    ..and a Hackintosh PC running 10.6 acting as a file/itunes server, I also have an AEBS.

    XBMC in the living room is proving a pain at the moment and it's not very wife friendly. It is also a bit of a pain in the neck to keep music / photos synced between my main PC (iMac) and the server / ATV / XMBC client.

    So I have put together 2 options:

    Living room and bedroom both with 'old' ATVs with upgraded HDDs (so I can keep music / photos 100% in sync with iMac) and both running XBMC for video use. The Living room one with perhaps a crystal HD card to handle HD material.

    ...file / itunes server will be sold, as will the Asus. A hard drive connected to the AEBS will become the new file server for XBMC. Net cost to me is next to nothing and the only thing I lose will be permanent itunes streaming to the airport express when the iMac is off.

    Second option is also to ditch the Asus / file server but to replace the LR setup with a Mac Mini which will double as an itunes / file server. Net cost is quite a few $$$ but I get a totally flexible media solution in the living room along with email/web/games if required. Bedroom ATV will stay and get a HDD upgrade to ensure photos/music are in sync.

    With plex equipped LG BR players on the way soon I reluctant to drop a ton of cash on this project so perhaps the 2 ATV solution is the way to go??

    Do others have similar setups? Was the Mac Mini way worth the $$$?


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