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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by wodeh, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Donkeys years ago I took a look at some headphones from Creative, and with them came the most useful widget I've ever owned since coaxial network cable terminators. The DDTS30.

    I'm not sure if you can still get hold of them, or if there's something similar available on the market now. But what it basically does is take a Tos-Link cable input and outputs it to two stereo 3.5mm jacks to which you can connect your choice of headphones, or a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable for a wider variety of speakers.

    In short. It's awesome. I'm currently happily using my Apple TV connected to a clapped out old 24" Dell monitor in the kitchen with a HDMI->DVI cable, and using the DDTS30 to grab the audio and pipe it into the speaker that came with the monitor.

    Does anyone know of anything quite like the DDTS30 that's available today? I don't believe it's sold any more, but a trip to EBay might score you one. I think it might be the holy grail of some peoples audio-out problems.


    Edit: Oh, there's a slight gotcha with it. It's powered by AA batteries.
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    It's just simple DAC that takes optical input. You can make one out of parts if you are an engineer. The only hard part is finding something like that for cheap since the market is mostly crowded with audiophile/hifi gear.

    Here is one I found after doing some searching:

    Maybe this thread would serve as a good starting point for people to post other similar DACs they found that are reasonably priced?
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    Argh! That is what I need!
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    I've been frantically googling for a similar product, but all I can find are ~$300/£300 audiophile portable DACs.

    I imagine most people looking to get audio out of the Apple TV probably aren't looking for that sort of quality grade. A lot of these DAC manufacturers seem very open and almost hobbyist- perhaps they can bring a low-end product to market.

    Of course, being a not-so-audiophile I'm convinced that the stuff they're selling is no better than this cheapo Creative one anyway. Still! If you have 3 times the cost of the Apple TV sitting around, then your problem is solved.

    The most dodgy site I've seen in a while, but they purport to sell the headphones which the DDTS-30 is bundled with: - the price is still a little on the high side, too.
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    Cracking find! I would love to see a test of that.
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    I'm probably going to pour forth my tragic ignorance here, but none of these uber-cheap solutions appear to mention any sort of Dolby DTS decoding?

    Presumably this doesn't matter too much if you have a plain ol' stereo audio source in your rips?

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