Apple TV 2 high value on eBay.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by fixerman, Apr 12, 2012.

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    I recently upgraded to the new Apple TV3 by replacing my two Apple TV2 units. Before I replaced the TV2s I upgraded their software to version 5.

    I have placed my Apple TV2s on eBay where other units are being sold for, what I consider, a high price. They can often fetch nearly as much as the full retail price of the Apple TV3. I have had numerous questions from prospective bidders asking about the software version on the TV2. When informed that it is version 5 they seem to be less interested and in fact inform me that they are specifically looking for units with the older version 4 software.

    An Apple retailer here in London was recently offering as much as a 50% discount off an Apple TV3 if you trade in an Apple TV2, but it must have the older software.

    Anybody know what is going on?:confused::confused:
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    Yeah, some people don't want the new software.
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    It's also about JB'ing too....The ATV2's with the older software can be broken easily.....I gave mine to a buddy, and upgraded to the 3...I actually bought two, but my ATV2 had already been upgraded to the new software anyway.
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    Can I ask where in London it was?
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    It's mainly about jailbreaking. To summarize:

    -Jailbreaking your ATV(2) allows you to add functionality like the ability to use XBMC to view non-iTunes content stored on your local network, and to stream Hulu/Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Streaming content, and other sources that aren't built in to the AppleTV software.

    -It has been possible for a user to jailbreak the ATV2 for over a year. The new ATV3 has not been jailbroken yet, and rumors are that it will be significantly more difficult to jailbrake than the ATV2 was. Hence, people who want to jailbreak in the near future have to get a used ATV2. This is why the ATV2's are selling so high.

    Now, regarding the software version:

    -It is easy to jailbreak the ATV2 using a free program called SeasonPass. However, every time Apple updates the firmware on the ATV, it requires that SeasonPass be updated by the company that makes it, and this takes some time.

    -There are 2 types of jailbreak: Tethered and Untethered. A Tethered jailbreak requires that the ATV be physically connected to a computer running iTunes in order for the ATV to power up after being disconnected from power. An Untethered jailbreak doesn't have this requirement. While the Tethered jailbreak is usually available more quickly after an Apple software update, the Untethered jailbreak is preferred by users since no tethering is required after a power outage or unplugging your ATV.

    -The most recent software update for the ATV2 (version 5.0 / iOS 5.0.1) currently has a Tethered jailbreak available, but the Untethered jailbreak is not yet available.

    People who want the more favorable untethered jailbreak need to get an ATV2 with software version 4.4.4.

    That's why.

    Heck, if you want to sell an ATV2 now is probably the best time to do it. You'll get the best price if you jailbreak it and install all the XBMC goodies yourself.
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    WOW!:eek: Thanks for a very detailed and precise response. I now have a good understanding of what's involved.:)
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    Does Seas0nPass save SHSH blobs?
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    Thanks a lot for replying with this! I can't find anything on this web page vis. needing iOS 4 software on the ATV2, so I'm gonna give them a tinkle a bit later to see if that's still the case (I've upgraded mine to iOS5).
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    That offer has ended.
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    ****. I had a look last night and it was still running! :(
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    It looks like it has been removed this morning!:(
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    This is obviously a limited time phenomenon. As soon as the jailbreak community is able to fully exploit iOS 5 on the aTV, expect prices to drop significantly.
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    I have mine on eBay auction ending Sunday next. At the moment a TV2 on version 4 is fetching in excess of £100 and on version 5 they are going for £75 roughly.:)
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    I recently sold a jail broken atv2 for $130 on Craigslist
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    Are apple still selling v2?
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    Interesting to know, I've got 2 jb apple tv 2's.
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    Yes, i left one of my ATV 2's on 4.4.4 in case i wanted to JB. heck I might do it and sell
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    I'll buy it lol
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    Can I jailbreak mine? It's still on 4.4.2 and I'm looking to sell it since I got a 3rd gen. Sorry, Im a newbie with jb apple tv, I've only had experience jb iphones...
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    So I can jailbreak on 4.4.2 so it's untethered?

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