Apple TV 2 is seriously flawed

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jdbr, Nov 22, 2010.

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    The Apple TV 2 does not work properly with TVs from two major manufacturers: Philips and Sony.
    The screen goes green and then a sort of magenta negative picture. This happens every 10 - 20 minutes and can last anything from 1 to 20 minutes.
    The Apple TV 2 is a seriously flawed product, but there is an amazing silence in the press despite the fact that there are a large number of postings about this problem on the Apple support pages.
    Apple is well aware of the problem, yet we have seen an update for the Apple TV 2 today, but no solution to the problem.
    Come on guys start reporting this issue and maybe we poor customers will get some satisfaction.

    Come on take up our case.

    Best wishes,
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    I have 3 Sony TVs and they all work with apple tv
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    I have a Sony and it works perfectly on it. I hear certain Philips TVs in Germany have the problem you describe but haven't heard anything about Sony.
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    No it is not just Germany and it applies to a number of Sony and Philips TVs. There are a large number of disatisfied customer comments on the Apple support page for apple tv. They also are aware of the problem.
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    Works with my Sony as well.

    It must be particular models, so let's not make blanket statements.
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    Agreed. Works fine on my Sony TV.
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    The only explanation is that it's some sort of conspiracy. Oh wait...

    I have 3 Sony TVs and they all work with apple tv

    I have a Sony and it works perfectly on it.

    Works with my Sony as well.

    Agreed. Works fine on my Sony TV.

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    I have a Philips TV and can't replicate the issue.
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    Gotta love it when someone starts a thread with an absolute statement which is proven wrong in 2 minutes. :D
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    From A Buick 8

    Not that anybody asked but both my ATV's work with my Vizio and Magnavox tv's
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    This is a big issue! on apple forum it is an 21 page long list of thise issues! my brothers philips led tv has this problem and after updating to 4.1 i got this problem on a bluesky crap tv. never had this issue before the update
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    It is not a blanket statement. Read the support forum at Apple. People with these TVs do not have a problem when they plug in another piece of hardware. It happens with Sony Philips and Panasonic TVs. Maybe not your particular model, but that doesn't mean it is not a problem for a lot of customers. Philips' view is that if your tv works fine with a bluray player or any other hdmi plugged on product and your firmware is up to date then it is a problem with the apple product. Why do you write off the experience of a lot of other users just becUse your particular tv model doesn't have the problem....that is bit self centred!
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    The strange thing is that this happend to me on this tv model after updating to 4.1:S hope it works on my panasonic tv when i get it back from repair
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    I doubt Apple checked compatibility with Sony, Panasonic TV's. Really no need as those manufacturers probably only account for 75% total TV sales. Anyway, it's time for Sony and Panasonic to step up and fix any incompatibility with Apple's $99 ATV, yes?
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    It's most likely the HDCP handshaking that's rearing it's ugly head. First try updating the ATV2 firmware (came out today) then if you can; see if your TV has a firmware update available.
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    That's what I'm thinking. If that fails try another HDMI cable. I had some issues with my xbox360 and Samsung TV that would sometimes fail the HDCP handshake (thanks DRM! ugh), and fixed it with a new HDMI cable. The same cable works fine from the cable box to the TV though...
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    Nope, not a blanket statement anywhere to be found. :rolleyes:
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    This is gold. To recap for those of you playing along at home, Apple puts out the same standard HDMI signal no matter what is connected to it. If 98% of the other brands of TV's work fine, it's CLEARLY something wrong with the apple tv. To suggest or even think that it might be something wrong with... I don't know... those particular models of tv's, why that's just plain self centred!(sic).

    Clearly a massive 21 page forum thread that comprises perhaps .001% of ATV2 users is indicative of a flawed design on part of the new device. Expect a lemon recall any day now.
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    Guys, it is an issue with some tvs, apple customer service has accepted this. Apparently they are working on a fix...
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    Just to try to clarify this issue.

    The Apple TV has this problem when connecting to certain Sony and Phillips models. If you have one of these models then, from the evidence that I have seen, you will have this problem and there is as yet no known solution. Changing the Apple TV or the HDMI cable does not help.

    I have two Sony TV's, different models, and I have the problem with one of them. If I swap the Apple TV's over then the problem stays with the TV.

    Apple have acknowledged the issue, and they are apparently working on a fix. However, their stance is that it is a problem with the TV, and the fact that in my case the problem stays with the TV backs up their case.

    The TV manufacturers point to the fact that all other HDMI devices work without this problem and blame the Apple Tv. They also have a point.

    Apple do not guarantee their kit works with all TV's (no manufacturer would do that) and talk of action against Apple is nonsense. Apple will take your Apple TV back, as I understand they have done in the case of some posters on the official forum. They don't have to d an more than that.

    Having said that, Apple want their product to work on as many TV models as possible, and Sone and Phillips don't want people to be having problems with their equipment. Assuming this is a problem that can be solved with software (I have heard people speculating about power problems which may suggest hardware issues) the I will be amazed if it isn't solved very soon either by Apple of the TV manufacturers.

    The new Apple TV update appears not to have helped. In fact I've seen a couple of mentions of what sounds like a very similar issue having started since the update.
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    there is a flaw

    i have a 42inch Phillips LCD TV and I can report that the apple tv2 does not work with this TV. I have switched out the HDMI cables as well as plugged other devices into the same input with no problems. I own several apple products and love them all. I love my apple tv2 also, but the tv i really wanted to use it with is the ONE tv in my house that it does not work with.....
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    The issue with various Sony and Philips TVs was fixed in the latest update. Get the 4.2 update, then set your ATV to use HDMI RGB High, rather than default.

    If this doesn't fix your issue you have an entirely different problem than the one under discussion here.
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    Works perfect with my Sony.
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    First, I have had an :apple:tv2 for about a month now, refurbished at that. Although it is not all it could be, I am happy with it. The sole purpose I bought it for was AirPlay, that has worked perfectly, and much, much better than AirTunes worked with my AirPort Express. But, I have found it my goto gadget for Netflix, too. I have a PS3 that I have been using for Netflix for as long as Netflix has been on it, but I find :apple:tv2 to be more user friendly, that and much less power consumption, as well as a great picture and never stuttering, have got me heading for the Apple remote before the PS3 remote. I have never had Netflix stutter on the :apple:tv2, but I have had Hulu plus stutter on the PS3. Adding Hulu or Hulu plus to :apple:tv2 would be good! Home sharing has been great, and looks like it will continue to get better. IMO, :apple:tv2, for $100 is a great buy.

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