Apple TV (2010) and Netflix streaming internationally?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Pressure, Oct 14, 2010.

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    So, have anyone tried taking the Apple TV with you internationally and streamed Netflix?

    I'm only asking as I really want Netflix streaming but can't (so far) because I live in Denmark.
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    I have the new Apple Tv here in Denmark and at the moment there is no way of streaming Netflix on it. Perhaps a jailbreak will bring vpn to the Apple Tv, but I wouldn't bet on it. Enabling Vpn directly on the device would screw up bonjour services used for home sharing and the iPhone remote.


    I am currently looking into getting a cheap router and load it up with DD-WRT and then direct all netflix traffic from the household via vpn.

    Remember you can use Netflix on the iPhone and iPad without problems outside the us if you use Vpn. See the article in my signature for more info.
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    Thanks for the information. Was afraid it would be like that but wouldn't you just be able to use AirPlay to stream Netflix from the iPad or iPhone to the Apple TV? ;)

    Not sure what quality it would be though.
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    I hope the streaming from the iPad will be ok quality. Otherwise I will set up a router just for netflix traffic via vpn.
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    How about streaming(renting) US iTunes movies, do u have trouble with that in Denmark?
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    There is no IP checking for iTunes Store content; as long as you have a US iTunes account it will stream anywhere (rentals included).
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    Well, that's not quite my experience. I own both the first and second generation Apple TV and it's correct that they both allow you to rent movies anywhere in the world, as long as you have an US iTunes account (I am located in Germany). But with TV shows I cannot get the new Apple TV to display the $0.99 rental button. All I get is a preview button. Oddly enough the movie store lists "Top Sales" on the menu as well even if you cannot buy anything on the new Apple TV. All the screenshots of those menus I've seen since the new model launched looked different from mine (and I assume these shots were taken from setups in the US). They never listed sales. Or maybe they do now since the rental options are too limited?

    I really wonder why no one else has brought this up, seems like I am the only one affected.
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    That's weird, sorry to hear it. I'm in the UK and always get the Rental button and have rented a bunch of stuff (I really think the 99c shows are a good idea, hope more studios see fit to come on board). Are you logged in to your US account in your iTunes as well as on your Apple TV? Do you have Home Sharing turned on with the US account? The US iTunes store (as well as your account) selected in the Apple TV menu? That's all I can think of I'm afraid.
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    I had the same problem. I live in norway. You have to resett to factory and update. Then when you start up the appletv make shure you set US as country before you enter the itunestore login, then it will work:)
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    Enquiry: NetFlix

    to play netflix with apple tv (2G) outside U.S still remains unsolved?
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    You should be able to use Netflix outside the US if you get a VPN subscription and a router that supports VPN. I dont know what happens to the connectivity to your locally stored itunes LIbrary then though...
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    Thanks for the tip, I just tried it but it did not work :(
    I really don't understand why some people in Europe have no problem at all, I'm about to give up...
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    Just to follow up - I ended up with the VPN on the router solution for this setup. Read about it in my post right here
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