Apple TV 2nd gen: iTunes need to be in execution to stream ?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by fa.ce, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I'm trying the new Apple TV.
    Seems that if on my iMac iTunes isn't in execution and open no streaming is allowed, is it normal ?
    (i've also enabled sharing family option)
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    Just close the iTunes window and let it run in the background. Not that difficult to do.
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    ehm how to do ? :confused:
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    Assuming your on a Mac - click on the red circle in the top left of the iTunes window. PC - never used iTunes on a PC but I think you just click on the X on the top right of the window to close the window (not the app).
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    I believe on a PC you have to minimize iTunes. Hitting the red X will close the application, unlike on a Mac, where iTunes will continue running in the background.
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    I'm on the mac.
    I know that clicking on red button will close itunes and leave it in background.
    I'm asking to know if there's a way to leave automagically in background, even at startup (i've startup at login enabled) or even when click on it to execute.
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    Go to system preferences, accounts. select your account, go to login items on the right. add itunes and click the "hide" checkbox, this should open it at startup and keep it minimised. :)

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