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Apple TV 3 stolen how to track it?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Webb, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Besides filling a police report and giving the serial to Apple what else to do ? Would the Police or Apple trace the IP location ? I'm not asking them to retrieve it,just want to know the location.


    PS: The Apple TV was new never used,taking from a school cafeteria.:(
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    There's no way for you to track it.
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    Ouch there's no way to lock it either? Did you leave it on the table? :(
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    Was left on the chair with my coat on top,never noticed until I left and the Apple white bag wasn't there.:eek:

    School kids are no joke.Luckily was only 100 bucks.


    Lock it ? It was brand new sealed.Never used.


    But Apple can do it ? I know I can't.
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    Some people are scum, good job it wasn't an iPod Touch or something even more expensive. :/ & no Apple TV doesn't have a tracking feature or a kill switch I believe. By lock, I mean't there's no way to disable it.
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    Very likely yes, but will they? Nope.
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    What about a logging name with itunes ?
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    Am guessing an ATV is not expensive enough nor do they expect u to "travel" with it to have it built-in tracking.
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    Won't do anything for an Apple TV.
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    Right ATV is not the same as a MBP,but still...
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    I would think Apple could track it. But will they bother?

    I'm guessing that Apple won't bother bc they know the local police won't bother. If you can convince local police to devote time to the case, Apple might cooperate?
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    Nobody is going to be bothered with $100.

    My home was robbed for roughly $1200 and I couldn't get the police to take any interest.
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    Still what? Law enforcement is not free.

    In ANY profession, there is never enough resources for everything.

    Perhaps next time when a traffic cop stops u and u feel like telling him, Dont you have REAL crimes to go after? u will remember this post.
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    Traffic cops do not investigate theft and detectives/investigators do not give traffic tickets.
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    How can you think that is only a $100... For me a Benjamin is still a lot of $.
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    no way to track it but maybe when the apple tv is turned on and registered the seriel number you gave to apple will ring a bell and they can do something
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    Maybe it is, but compared to $700+ iPhones and $1500 laptops (which both outsell and are stolen at a higher rate than the AppleTV) it was lucky to only be a $100 item. Apple isn't even much help in the case of iPhones and MacBooks let alone one of their cheapest items! so yes OP be glad it was only a $100 item and consider it a hard lesson (unfortunately).
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    I went to the Apple store,the dudes there said there's no way to track it.:(
  19. old-wiz, Aug 18, 2013
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    If it was sealed in box with the receipt then the OP is unlikely to even have the serial number.

    edit...apple will have a copy of the receipt ..if you used an apple id to purchase
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    I don't think there is much you can do.
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    The serial number will be in the receipt sent by email or printed. AppleID is not needed. And no, Apple can't track the device.
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    I would start searching on your local craigslist for an ATV...maybe the thief will be dumb enough to try to sell it. If you have your serial and receit you might be able to get it back. especially if you manage to get the serial first and go with an undercover cop.
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    Sky Blue

    I'm sure you'll be able to get an undercover cop for a $99 item!
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    I wouldn't seriously expect a cop to come along unless the thief had also stolen a lot of other stuff.

    but Craigslist does often have stolen stuff...people think they can just turn around and sell it..
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    What you can do is meet the seller, check the serial number without being suspicious. Remember the description of the seller (hair color, eye color, facial characteristics), his first name, and even the car license plate. Then call the police since they have something to go on.

    People who steal, typically always steal, so he might be a known suspect already. While you may not get the item you want, at least the police can prevent 1 person from stealing again for a few months or years until he gets out to do it again.

    Personally, any crime that involves jail time should also involve large fines. Tacked onto your wages. If you can't get a job in the private sector, then community service will be required for however long to recoup the costs at min wage.

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