Apple TV and 4:3 videos

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Volante, Jul 26, 2008.

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    I'm just wondering how you guys handle your good old 4:3? Do you watch in 4:3 on widescreen TV's or do you change aspect ratio dimensions in quicktime?
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    With my AppleTV it displays them in 4:3 mode on my widescreen tv. The left and right sides of the picture are black.
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    But you can change dimensions in, for example, quicktime in the same manner anomorphic works. Mainly interested in what you prefe - distorted image versus black bars.
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    I stretch or zoom the image with my TV, not from quicktime.
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    On my TV, the stretching is done so that the center of the screen looks pretty normal and only the edges get distorted. It makes it look more normal than if every pixel is stretched.
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    Cool, but that means that the closed captions also will be stretched and whatnot?
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    black bars. If the video was meant to watch in 4:3 then I'll watch it in 4:3
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    Exactly, I hate nothing more than going over to someones house and having to watch stretched out 4:3.
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    Me three. I am completely intolerant of a broken aspect ratio.

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    If its in 4:3 then watch it in 4:3. There is nothing worse than watching something broadcast in 4:3 thats stretched to widescreen. The actors look really fat. W Believe me I know as most of the UK TV programs broadcast in Spain are stretched....

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