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Apple TV and Airport 7.5.2 update

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aidym, Jan 11, 2011.

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    A quick heads-up...

    After updating my Airport Extreme (Fast Ethernet) to the latest firmware (7.5.2) my Apple TV (1st Gen) would not see or connect to my wireless network (5GHz only). After reverting back to 7.4.2, all is working again - phew!

    Couldn't say I had any issues with other devices not being able to see/connect to the wireless network though.
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    7.5.2 working fine here. Apps no longer lose the Airplay icon every now and then. You probably should have rebooted the Apple TV, your modem, and router. Always a good idea when making changes to your network and something loses a connection. Usually has something to do with needing to force a new IP address.
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    I've spent all morning troubleshooting this. The router and AppleTv have been rebooted several times and the Apple TV was also reset. There are several reports on apple's forums of 7.5.2 being very flaky.
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    For me updating my Airport 7.5.2 has fixed all of the Netflix issues I was having on my Apple TV2.
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    Same thing happened to me as to the OP (I'm also still using ATV1, with a 5Ghz n network served by an AEBS) when i updated my AEBS over Christmas. Interestingly, when I did a factory restore of the ATV as part of my troubleshooting it worked fine with 7.5.2 on my AE until I updated the ATV to the latest software. My guess is that they tested 7.5.2 with ATV2 but not very extensively with ATV1... Anyway, back to 7.4.2 for me as well, all working again. I submitted a bug report to Apple about it, but not holding out that much hope of a fix as the ATV1 is probably classed as legacy now.
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    No issues here since upgrading - I also have a 1st gen ATV and use a 5GHz connection.

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