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Apple TV and iTunes location

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mac2thefuture, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Hello, I've not used my ATV for some time, in fact so long that I've now got a Mac Book Pro rather than the iMac that I used to use in conjunction with the ATV.
    Now i'm having trouble getting ATV to be found on iTunes devices. It may be down to the fact that since I acquired a lap top i put my itunes folder on an external hard drive to save space, this in turn is accessed via time capsule wirelessly .....could this be my issue?
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    yes, iTunes must be running for the appletv to see it. even though it sits on a hard drive connected to your AEBS or Time Capsule, you have to have iTunes open and connected to it through your laptop to be visible.

    Don't know why Apple hasn't given us a better solution as so many people (like you and me) no longer use desktops and stick to laptops which aren't always open/on/in the house/etc...
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    Thanks for the response - whats the fix? pls dont say i have to usb up to the mbp......please dont say that:(
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    I bought a cheap (relatively speaking) Mac Mini which is always on under my desk and is dedicated to iTunes duties. I remotely access it with VNC Mocha via my iPad.

    Probably not the answer you want, but is how I do it now. I would LOVE for Apple to implement the Apple TV to access remote libraries without iTunes running on a remote computer.
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    Factory reset you AT and it will do the trick. Or, first try going to settings, computers, and delete your old library. Adding a new one should show up on your new iTunes device.

    If you need help to restore, let me know.
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    Yes, if your ATV is still connected to a certain iTunes library, other iTunes libraries won't see it, even if the library is on the same computer. You must unlink your ATV from your current iTunes library for it to show up in another.
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    I did a factory reset and still no joy??

    Just can't get itunes to show it in device list.

    Not sure if its associated to having T Capsule in the mix.....wow, this is confusing
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    You cant see anything in the ATV settings, computers menu?
    I think you have to go there, and then it will show up on your iTunes devices list after you input the number on the screen.

    Hope that works!
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    i get to the point where atv asks you to type in the number on itunes, but itunes wont bring up the prompt for me to type the code.
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    A few more ideas...
    Restart computer. Restart Itunes. I assume you have latest update?
    We can solve this!

    Try this, too.
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    ill check out your link - just updated to 9.2 a few days back :)

    This is where itunes is located, apparently....
    Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 20.51.30.png
    Screen shot 2010-07-11 at 20.57.04.png
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    Everything I've read on the subject says this is pretty much the best way to get it done. It's a shame you have to sink yet more cash on a Mini to do it, but I really doubt Apple will ever unhook the Apple TV from iTunes.

    Would be nice though :)
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    I can't understand it though. It seems that unless you have a desktop or an external hooked up to your laptop, ATV isn't going to work....perhaps i need to 'boxee' it....
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    You wouldn't have to spend as much as a Mini would cost... I have a G4 450 PowerMac that I got for free running in my basement as my iTunes server. I added a USB 2.0 card, and have 3 external 500 GB drives plugged into it. It is no power house by any stretch of the imagination, but streams to my Apple TV just fine.

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