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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by anfield11, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Can anyone kindly tell me if I can hook an Apple TV up to a television (in this case at a cottage with no wifi) and then watch content AirPlayed from my iPad that is tethered to my iPhone using the Personal Hotspot?

    Obviously the hotspot works watching on the iPad, but I'd like to stream to the TV.

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    Yes, that works fine. The ipad and ATV will both need to connect to the iPhone's hotspot via wifi.
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    Thanks for that and I guess in reality I could just stream the content from the phone...duh, by me!. As a side question, does anyone know if mobile providers charge more or multiply usage of data when tethering?
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    That's a question for the carrier. I use AT&T in the USA, tethering is included in the Shared Data plan that I have so my monthly data allotment can be used by any of my devices or by anything tethered to one of them, and anything over my allotment is charged at a set rate regardless of whether it's tethered data or device data.

    I know that Sprint, for example, offers unlimited on-device data but limits the amount that may be used while tethering.
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    Yes, your solution should work, but there are simpler options. The simplest is to connect the iPad or iPhone directly to the TV. I often do this when I travel and don't have to worry about hotel (or cabin in your case) WiFi. Another option is to purchase an Airport Express and use that to create a wireless network. This way you can avoid the charges to the carrier for creating a hotspot.
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    I assume the only way to connect an iPhone/iPad to a TV is by USB. Can that be done or do I need another adaptor or cable?

    All this may be a moot point as the data consumed (Rogers in Canada) seems horrendous!! I remember being at this cottage I think in October 2010 and watched a fair amount of TV shows tethering within my 6 GB plan. Recently I have been there longer and just got a shock of an extra $100 bill for data. Other than email and surfing, a tiny bit of YouTube I watched about 16 hours of TV streaming from TV network apps. When researching, I'm reading that a half hour of TV streaming uses about 100 mb, so my viewing should have been about 32 times the 100 MB or 3.2 GB....The bill indicates I used 16 GB. Seems impossible?

    You stated "This way you can avoid the charges to the carrier for creating a hotspot" would this be my problem? I know I have to call my provider (Rogers) but the more educated I am the better.

    Thanks again to all.
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    If you watched movies while tethered that would explain your data bill. Tethering should only be used when you absolutely need the internet. Here is what you need to connect the iPad/iPhone to the TV using an HDMI cable:
    For 30 pin connector:
    For Lightning connector:

    As I mentioned earlier, there is also the Airport Express option as I mentioned earlier.
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    You have 2 intertwined issues: streaming from your device to the TV, and getting content to the device to begin with.

    You don't need a router, tether or anything like that based on your description. It is simple:

    Cellular Service -> iPhone -> Apple TV -> TV. Only one cable needed - HDMI from Gen2/3 Apple TV (RGB available from first gen as well)

    Tethering will not have any impact on your data usage, any more than pulling that same data via your phone directly - it all goes through your phone - the tether does not cause any duplication of data transfer. In one case your phone is both the "modem" and the "computer" all in one, and in the tether example you simply use the phone as the modem and the iPad as the "Computer".

    Also not sure where you got your per hour download rates, but it will all depend on quality of what you are streaming. Netflix is pretty standard at up to 2 GB per hour from what I've read....
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    Airport express wouldn't give him an internet connection.
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    That's true, but the OP was just looking to stream content from his iPad.

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