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Apple TV does not appear on iTunes...

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by guydor4, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Apple TV does not appear on iTunes.

    I use external hard drive for my iTunes library and my Apple TV
    does not appear.

    Please help me!

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    My first reaction: Are they both on the same network? Sometimes my kids' computers pick up the neighbor's wifi signal and they, of course, can't see the shared files on our mac mini media center.
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    Have you tried restarting iTunes?
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    Also, check the preferences in iTunes. Makes sure "Look for Apple TVs" is checked. Did it work before?

    Or course a restart of both Apple TV and iTunes never hurts.
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    I started having the same problem ever since I installed iTunes 7.7, any ideas?
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    There's a big thread on this over at the Apple Support Forums. Looks like one of those issues which is yet to be fixed.

    I guess the obvious things to try first are restarting the box and iTunes.
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    I had the same, i went to the network settings on my atv and reselected connect to itunes libery. enter the pass code/key and away you go
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    Yup, same here. Bringing up the PIN screen on the ATV made it show up in iTunes
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    Same happening here ... sometimes takes a restart of Apple TV, iTunes and the router to get it going again - really annoying!

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    I have found that reconnecting to the network on ATV brings it back. I prefer this to reconnecting to iTunes, since it doesn't require writing down the code and having to enter it on my computer.

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